Thursday, May 5, 2016

Who's New In Atlanta Music: R&B Artist "Ziah"

Atlanta, GA is always coming out with hot new artists, so it was no surprise to hear about an upcoming R&B artist by the name of "Ziah".

Ziah is a native of the known "Port City", Mobile, Alabama. Ziah , at only the age of 35, is one of the newest sensations for the Atlanta, GA region with her soon to drop album titled "Mixed Emotions". The album features raw and unfiltered emotion in every song featured on the album. Songs such as "I'm Good" will definitely drive you and reach you at the heart. This songstress demands nothing more than independence from the norm of expectations. Her chill tunes have been played on radio broadcasts such as "Hilltop Radio Show" with DJ Shaun and also "Fastlanes" with Miss Dee. The most amazing thing about the album is that you will discover yourself singing along not just because of the hot beat but because its music that we all can relate to. I encourage everyone to definitely support the album by Ziah, "Mixed Emotions" because its something we all have desperately been waiting for in the industry, which is music with soul, meaning, and truth!
You can catch the lovely Ziah in Atlanta, GA on May 21st at her album release party!
You can keep up with Ziah and her events by following her on Facebook!
Be sure to purchase your tickets for the Album Release Party by hitting the link below because this is an event that you do not want to miss!

Hear clips from Ziah on Facebook as well as on Sound Cloud!



  1. Thank you for the support! Keep doing your thing! Love it!

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  4. Great Songwriter/Singer and artist for an independent artist,for today time in quality music,for those born between the mid 70's & 80's babies like my self. Her music is a breath of fresh air compaired to todays artist who only sample and follow common styles and trends.


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