Sunday, November 29, 2015

Being Sexy Doesn't Have A Shape!

We see too often in the media how the size of a woman determines what is deemed acceptable as beautiful and sexy. The mass majority of viewers on media sites these days happens to be women. Women are observing and using the images portrayed on television or in magazines as the ideal image of sexiness. Women are at a lost on trying to keep up with maintaining the perfect body according to the society's ideal standardized look. These plastic images are being highly promoted in rap music videos, song lyrics, and also by high status celebrities. So many women see celebrities getting butt injections and tummy tucks; longing for that perfect and flawless image. Sadly many do not know that most of the images they see in magazines have been photo shopped and feature air brushed bodies.

I want to encourage women all over to embrace the natural healthy you within. Everybody is not meant to be skinny or plus sized. Sexiness is determined from within and reflects on the outside. No matter your size, you can still be classy and sexy.

I have seen so many females who sit back and complain about their size. Some complain that they have smaller buttocks or smaller breast and would like to do whatever it takes to change that natural born image. They are going to cheap surgeons and taking pills to do whatever to change their image. Change is good if you are doing it to maintain your health, but to change because you feel like you are not good looking enough is a mistake. We don't need a society of clones. We need more women who don't mind embracing whatever life gave them naturally. If you have big hips, or a big feet....simply embrace it and make it your own kind of sexy. Confidence in yourself is true sexiness!

I remember growing up and always being teased for being so skinny and not having perfect teeth. I was afraid to smile on school pictures and at any social events. I was ashamed to wear skirts and shorts for fear that people would see my long skinny legs and laugh.
It was not until my senior year of high school that something within me clicked. I started just accepting that I was slim and was just not going to be a thick girl. I started embracing my smile regardless of what people had to say about my teeth. I started loving me and not caring about what others thought. When I embraced me and others saw me laughing and showing off my legs with confidence...they embraced me as well. Sometimes it takes people seeing you love yourself first before they began to give love to you.

Ladies embrace it all! Embrace your stretch marks or tiger stripes. Embrace your curves! Embrace your slim figure! Love you and if you come across someone who does not love you for who you are then they are not needed in your life.
Self- Acceptance is a must for every woman. You don't need to look like Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian, all you need to look like is yourself.
Who better else to be than you?

Stop going under the knife to satisfy irrelevant people. All you need to do is celebrate you!
At the end of the day if you don't like your love handles, pudgy tummy or flat buttocks, then hit the gym a little harder. Just make sure you are doing it to impress you at the end of the day and nobody else.

Many of you are so beautiful and you do not need to alter anything about yourself. You only need to look in the mirror and say to yourself, "I am Beautiful, I am Sexy, & I love Me!"


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Giving Your Husband a Hall Pass to Cheat?

Are we at the movies again?

 I have heard constant feedbacks of  women popping up in the media lately about allowing their spouses to cheat for a week. I  must say these women happen to be ones that I deemed to be of some high intellect. The first female happened to recently be Toya Wright who is married to Memphitz, and later this week M'Onique. 
What is the entire point of getting married if you are going to have an open marriage and allow your partner to cheat? You might as well stay single if you plan to commit adultery. One article I read stated that M'Onique said that if her spouse found something that she was not able to uphold then she finds nothing wrong with letting him venture out to satisfy that need. Now I for one do not know how true this happens to be, but I will say that if my husband does not like some aspects about me that he took vows saying he would accept no matter the outcome, then we definitely do not need to be married.

Cheating brings about conflict no matter how you think in your tiny mind it will fix an issue. Cheating on your spouse for a week brings months of problems and headaches. You open up a door that once was closed and leave space for all manners of evil to slip into your marriage. If we look around us, the rates for HIV are climbing so why risk your health by allowing your partner to step out on you just because you think it is doing a favor to your marriage.

It is pure insanity to believe that allowing your husband, ladies, to cheat for a week is going to mend any issues you are having at home. What happens when you taste honey? You suddenly want another taste of it right? This is what happens when you allow your spouse to step out on you. Then you find yourself sitting up at home wondering why they are suddenly so distant with you. He has tasted some new fruit. Cheating does not fix marriages!

I am currently single and I would like to sit for a second and visualize the day my future husband asks for a hall pass. I can imagine me asking him these simple beautiful words, "Honey what color would you like your suit to be?" I am sure he will look at me with a puzzled face and say, "Honey I am not sure what you mean by that". Then I will simply reply, "I am asking because I want to see if you want your suit to match your casket". This means my future husband should never fix his mind to come to me asking for a hall pass.

When I stand before God and family and take those vows to love my spouse through good and bad days, sickness and health, I will definitely mean what I say. I will not open a door to allow space for adultery to enter my marriage at my hand.

People are destroying the whole meaning of marriage by following rules seen in a movie. It is a movie, and it is not meant to guide you to make foolish decisions in real life. It is merely for entertainment, yet I am seeing sadly how much of an influence movies have on insecure people.

"Getting back to Love After a Break-Up"

No one likes breaking up but its part of everyday life. You find yourself growing further apart from the one you once couldn't see yourself without. It happens and sometimes its the worst feeling ever to get past.
Many times a break up no matter how it ends can leave individuals on a soul seeking journey to figure out what they did wrong in the relationship and how they can make the next relationship better.
During this time of solitude, one must not hesitate to first get back to loving yourself. When you are in a relationship, all of your time and effort goes into making the other person happy. There are times where you are so wrapped up into making sure the other person is happy that you lose out on remembering the things that once made you happy.

Many have fallen into the error of trying to jump right back into a relationship due to loneliness instead of allowing themselves to heal and properly prepare themselves mentally for the next relationship. This can be a tragic mishap when they find themselves suddenly fearful and assuming the next person is going to be just like their last relationship, because they have failed to allow healing of the mind and soul. When you break up from any long-term relationship, it is best to at least give yourself a year to spend alone. During this alone time, it is okay to date and just observe what you expect from the next relationship. It is a time to grow in areas that you may have grown weak in mentally and physically.

One thing I see a lot of people do is began to punish themselves by thinking that just because a long term relationship did not work out, that they were at fault. You may have done everything you have known to do in that relationship that was deemed right in your eyes, but they still walked away. Do not let that punish you. Often times we have to look back at how a person grew up. Some people do not know how to love nor how to handle being treated well. It would seem that everyone in life is seeking something good for themselves, yet everyone honestly is not. If the world evolved around people wanting something good for themselves then people would eat healthier and maintain those gym memberships right?

Understand that just because the person who left you did not appreciate what you had to offer, does not mean something was wrong with you. You should continue to be the best person you know how to be and one day someone will appreciate all that you have to offer.

So while you journey back to discovering true love, continue to work on becoming the best version of you. Be open to new things, and by all means let go of past hurts and do not hold the new love accountable for past hurts.

True love is right around the corner for you if you allow yourself to be open to receiving it, which means tearing down that brick wall from the past hurt. Go into your garden, and uproot all the weeds in your life and clip off those dead leaves. It is time now for new beginnings.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Meet South Sudan African Model "Nina Kong"

Who is Nina Kong?

Nina Kong, 33, will definitely be a hot new face to the modeling industry. Kong came here from South Sudan which is located in the central part of Africa. I had the pleasure of taking notice to this model's skilled gift behind the camera's and reached out to her.
She is a wife and mother of three, who began her journey from Sudan to America to pursue her dreams of modeling.  Kong stated in a recent interview with me, "Growing up, I never thought I would end up in America, it was a huge culture shock". Kong stated," I had to learn the language, and I came over as a refugee and now I am beyond a refugee; there is a story within my story". Kong is also pursuing a career as a medical assistant but is hoping to one day become a successful model in the modeling industry.

I truly believe that Nina Kong is on the rise and has what it takes to become America's Next Top Model. Kong would definitely set the modeling industry on fire! People in the Fashion Industry should definitely get to know her. Kong brings with her that strong sense of heritage that would definitely put Africa's amazing artistic culture on the map. She brings me to a remembrance of the famous South Sudanese model Alek Wek who is a British model that has been hailed for her influence on the perception of beauty in the fashion industry. Nina Kong will definitely be the next new face in the modeling industry.

Nina Kong has done modeling with other professional agencies. She currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

Will the 2015 IRON BOWL be a Repeat from 2013?


We all remember the amazing game ending with 12-2 for the Auburn University Tigers back in 2013 as they prepared to go up against the University of Alabama, whose record at the time was 11-2 following the loss during the Iron Bowl in 2013 at the Jordan-Hare stadium. Auburn fans predict another victory long time awaited to make up for this seasons mishaps. We know this will be a challenging game with the University of Alabama's running back player, Derrick Henry, who is currently up for the Heisman. Henry's second straight 200-yard game in Saturday's road rout of Mississippi State erased any lingering doubts about his Heisman viability. Auburn University appeared to be struggling between quarterback's this season as they toggled between, Jeremy Johnson and Sean White. Johnson who was benched after going 11 for 19 for 100 yards and rushed for 41 yards against LSU in the least productive of his five career starts. The Montgomery, Alabama native had two late passing touchdowns and a 65-yard rushing score as well as an interception and two fumbles, one of which was lost and setup LSU for a score. Auburn recently selected Jeremy Johnson back as quarterback when they went out to play against the Georgia Bulldogs, sadly ending in a another defeat for this season with a score of 13-20.

So will another miracle occur this year for the Auburn Tigers with a stat of 5-5 against the University of Alabama's 9-1?

Well do you believe in magic as the old song says?

At 2:30pm on Saturday, November 28, 2015 fans all over the state of Alabama will be on the edge of their seats still in recovery from Turkey Day yelling War Eagle & Roll Tide as the Auburn University Tigers take on the University of Alabama at the Jordan-Hare Stadium!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Patti Labelle's Pie Recieving Negative Reviews??

The Internet has gone viral about the sweet potato pie released by the lovely singer, Patti Labelle. A video even went viral about a guy, James Wright Chandler, who uploaded a video on youtube of him enjoying the pie while hitting high notes from some of Patti's hit songs.

Word was spreading in Facebook groups and across my timeline about how good the pie was so of course I ran out and sampled this pie myself. The pie is only like three dollars at Walmart and all I can say was this pie was delicious! I'm not a fan of box pies but this pie reminded me of something homemade.

In the midst of all the wonderful reviews about the pie, I noticed some negative feedback going on across social media from a few African American people. This was a bit shocking to me.

We as black people will go out and faithfully support, Martha Stewart with her cookbooks and premade cake mixes or even go support Betty Crocker and Jiffy cornbread mix which is by Chelsea Milling Company where the owner is Howdy Holmes; all white entrepreneurs.
Yet finally somebody of African American decent releases a great box pie and suddenly "our people" are negative. I saw comments stating how people said it was nasty, I can wait until Thanksgiving, my mom pie is better or my pie is better and even some saying I'm not rushing out to get it.

You may know people with a good pie, heck there is always somebody who makes something way better but why is it such a bad thing to support her like we support every other race. We go and faithfully support by purchasing Chinese food, Mexican food, Italian food and more. Shoot half of the gas stations are even owned by foreigners but this lady, a black woman makes a pie and suddenly you to high and mighty to support that?! I even saw an ignorant post about how Patti doesn't make the pies and I almost fell to the floor laughing. She gives the recipe and the use of machines make multiple productions of it to distribute people, so I'm sure she is not slaving over a hot stove to make a million pies.

And unlike those high priced Jordans you all support or Michael Kor's  purses, the pie is only three dollars!

It was the best investment I made and my mouth was happy. So for all those who won't buy the pie for some hypocritical reason, who gives a care?!

The pie was good and I'm glad to see a black woman in the light of the media for more than just singing or twerking like most of the videos I see.

I for one would love to see the media go more viral about black people doing something amazing that doesn't always relate to sports or violence.

Great job Patti Labelle on the pie and I hope your shine opens the door for more Black women to be able to showcase their goodness when it comes to baking and cooking!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Kiss & Tell" Short Story [Part 1]

I stared up at the ceiling and continued to let out short moans as he continued to press down deeper inside of me. His warm breath echoed in my ears and the aroma of Hennessy filled my nostrils with every exhale from his lips. I felt mixtures of sorrow and excitement for him. Steve was married but he took very good care of me. I had everything I wanted and it was all thanks to Steve. I felt sorry merely because he had a wife at home every night possibly pacing the floors of his three story home wondering where he was. I felt some sorrow because I didnt love Steve, I only cared about what he could do for me. Selfish is the word but I could care less what anyone thought about me. My pleasure came from having the nice things I felt I deserved, besides nothing in life ever came free so I did only what I knew to do so I could get what I wanted every time.

"Damn girl" Steve said as he rolled over on to his back. He grabbed his cell phone and began texting away. I assumed he was responding to the numerous alerts we heard the entire time we were having sex. "So baby girl, how much money should I deposit?" he asked. I grabbed my black and mild from the night stand and lit it up. I inhaled a long deep puff from it and exhaled. "Steve you know how much I need so don't ask me about the amount". "I need the same amount every month unless you suddenly having problems which of course is not my problem", I said while taking another puff.
"Money is just getting a little funny for me right now, and my wife is starting to question certain amounts missing from our joint account". He said while standing up and walking towards the bathroom.
"Again its not my problem, we made an agreement so I expect you to uphold your part of the bargain otherwise there will be consequences". I stated while sitting straight up in the bed and flickering my black into the ash tray.
"Are you threatening me?" he said while laughing and shaking his head. "What can you do to me other than tell my wife and of course she would never listen to you", he stated while staring at me with a puzzled expression on his face.
I tossed back my silk sheets and stood up revealing all of my nakedness. My dark brown skin blended perfectly in the dark as I walked up to Steve. He stared and shifted. His naked body appeared frozen in place as he watched me walk towards him. "If my money is not in my account by morning, I will make your life a living hell". "Play as if you don't understand me and I will be sure to bring your narrow ass back to reality". I stated.
Steve stared me straight in the eyes and then all of a sudden he grabbed me by my neck. I felt myself almost lose my balance as he pushed me up against the cold wall. "We are done Iris" "I don't do threats and if you ever call my phone or step anywhere near me or my wife, I will bury you". He released his grip and quickly started slipping his clothes on.
I stood still in the dark watching him. I had a plan and by morning if there was no sign of my money, Steve would regret ever meeting me.

My hand shook in the dark as I took another long puff from my black. I watched him look back at me as he headed out the room and down the stairs. I heard the front door slam so hard that it appeared glass had possibly shattered.

I put my black out and slipped on my robe. I rubbed my fingers across my neck and picked up my phone to check my account balance. I frowned as I looked at the balance.


Steve always gave me 10,000 per month to keep me quiet about our affair. My balance was extremely low. I could only wait to see if he would deposit the money or else I would have to take other measures to get my money by any means. Even if it meant exposing some information.

American Horror Story Hotel: Review

Let me start off by saying I am a huge fan of horror movies and any kind of suspense series dealing with horror. So when I first started watching the series known as, American Horror Story, I was thrilled. I began watching from the second season on up until now the fifth season titled, American Horror Story Hotel.

This show this season includes some amazing actors such as Angela Basset and even one of my favorite spooky actors, Kathy Bates from the horror movie thriller, Misery.

However despite all the amazing actors featured this season, I am sadly dissapointed with the series.

I was glued to the screen when I first saw the previews of the show with gruesome looking creatures coming out of the hotel beds. I immediately thought to myself, "Wow, this season will be awesome",
However the season has turned out to be nothing more to me than "bloody porn".

To me the series has no storyline. Every other scene is merely sex and blood.
I understand the whole concept of, "sex sells", but honestly you still need an amazing storyline. I should have written this series.
If I had written this series it would have basically evolved around some creepy hotel where guests dissapear every time they check in. It would have had these gruesome creatures coming up through the mattresses and out of the walls to kill them and take them to some unknown place. Then there would have been some key characters to try to solve the dissapearance of the people and figure out a way to rid the hotel of all the lost souls residing there so the murders would stop.

I honestly thought that was how the story would go this fifth season of the series.

I am so dissapointed after having been a longterm fan of the show. If I wanted to watch porn, I would have purchased it. I was hoping for horror and suspense which I got none of. I have tried to grasp some interest in each episode but instead its nothing more than men having sex with men and women on women, which I am sure made those who are into that lifestyle excited.

I am not here to knock the work of the producers but I'm sure they could have did better than this bloody porn. I still have no clue on the whole point behind the series...its quite awkward to watch.