Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Top 10 Places to Visit On My Bucket List!

Everyone has a "Bucket List", I would assume of some amazing places that you would love to see before you kick the bucket! Well below I have listed some places that I plan to see. Let me know what you think and feel free to share in the comments your Bucket List!

1. Jerusalem "The Holy Land"

2. "Stonehenge" in Easter Island, Chile

 3.  "The Pyramids" of Egypt 

4. Africa  "Johannesburg"

5. Rome, Italy 

6. Venice, Italy 

7. Paris, France 

8. United Kingdom: King Arthur's Castle "Tintagel Castle"

9. London, England 

10. The African Renaissance Monument in Dakar, Senegal 

These are only just a few places of many on my Bucket List and I look forward to every adventure! We have to get out and enjoy the beauty of life before it's all over. I hope you enjoyed some of the places I plan to visit and I would love to hear in the comments some places you plan to see.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Stay Positive On The Road To Your Success!

Today if you are reading this article then I want you to know that you matter more than you think. I want you to start today and every day afterwards by knowing that you do not need validation from anyone to feel important or to know that you are important.

I remember a time in my life where I felt that I needed a constant pat on the back for every achievement that I made. I remember feeling that if no one gave me any signs of gratitude then my achievement must have not been important.

You need to understand that if nobody ever says "Thank You", "Great Job", "Awesome Work" or whatever makes you feel good inside; is okay!

In life there will be many great moments for you and all that matters is that you are excited about those moments even if nobody else seems to care. Never let the opinions or actions of others become a mirrored reflection on your self value.

We all have had our days where we wish someone would take notice of what we are doing and get just as excited about our progress as we are. I need you to believe and know that you are doing an amazing job with your goals and with the progress of your career even if you appear to ride the waves solo.

Begin by keeping a chart of your career progress or major achievements and simply reward yourself for those joyful moments. Some of the greatest journeys in life are often traveled alone. You would be surprised at how many people that are now multi- millionaires today who started out with people who doubted them and did not support anything they had going. Yet they did not let that negative aspect hinder them from staying in pursuit of the things they planned to accomplish in life.

I recently had the pleasure to finally sit down and watch the movie on Walt Disney titled, "Walt before Mickey", and I was so encouraged after watching it. This man had people quit on him many times and even just screw him over with financial contracts and deals. He found himself going in circles of being up and then being right back at rock bottom but he still kept pushing until he finally landed an idea that changed not just his life but his future family's life forever.

I highly encourage anyone in pursuit of achieving something that seems greater than you to watch the movie about Walt Disney.
It changed my view on life and my goals. It was a reminder to stay in pursuit of what you are trying to achieve even if nobody seems to be on board the ship with you.

I know the journey to success may seem rough and inside your head, you just keep hoping that at least one person will open their heart to give you a shot. I always say that when I get to that place in life where I am able to really help someone, then I will. I know you probably see others prospering and it is causing you to doubt yourself or even desire to quit but you must not give up. Someone out there is going to notice the gift of what you are trying to do and is going to take a chance on you. 

Keep believing in yourself! It is all going to pay off soon and you will be able to look back at all the struggle and be grateful that you never quit. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

"Our Nation" (PoeticWord) By: Tanisha D. Davis

"You won't find a nation that rocks like we do.
That walks like we do, that talks like we do.
Our ways to adapt in any matter of climate
we can ride the sun rays at its highest
we can rock waves and locked hair
we are trend setters & natural stylists
From our, cheekbones, hips and thick lips
Our strong features make us natural born teachers
teachers to those who still can't figure out how we,
Smile even when we don't have a dime
Shine even when the world considers us the ultimate crime
Laugh even when they use to get out of the pool
thinking our black skin would stain them with no clue that our black skin is part of them.
We are a nation that defeats any sport we touch down on
A nation that built a nation from the ground we now stand on,
Our song, Our Ebonical Lingo, can't be understood so they say its hood & you need to speak slow.
We so magical, We so theatrical, We so dramatical and often times we say screw being grammatical.
We are our own people and many envy that
they think a few bullets will get us to step back
Cool, we'll simply remove our money from your bank stack
Let's see how far you get without our nation...tell me how you love that!"

"Our Nation" © ® 2016
By: Tanisha D. Davis

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Has Hip-Hop Died over a Dope Beat?

No matter what age you were when you first discovered your first Hip Hop song, you will always remember the beat and every verse to it.

I grew up in the 90s era which I consider to be the era of "Real Music & Real Hip Hop".

It was not difficult to distinguish between an R&B artist and an all out hard core Rapper.

I believe we all wanted to be able to "Bee-Bop"(create tunes with your mouth) and show our friends that we could free-style, which is to produce harmonic words of rhythm simply off the top of your head with no paper. If you remember like I did, then you were even racing home on Fridays to tune into "Free Style Friday on 106 & Park back when Free & AJ were the hosts just to see who would lyrically murder their opponent or to see who would jump in the booth with Big Tigger!

However over the years it seems that Hip Hop music has become more about a tight beat rather than about the actual skill of word usage. The music does not tell much of a story anymore. Many of the artist sound exactly the same and originality has vanished. 

There was a time that you could flip on the radio and tell exactly who was rapping whereas now if you turn on the radio, you need to google the song to identify who the artist is.

What happened to originality? Why do they all sound the same?

Those of us who grew up during the 80s & 90s era are sadly losing interest for some of today's rap music.

We would rather turn on apps such as "Pandora" or "Spotify" to locate the music that we grew up on and could relate to. I can honestly say that some of the music that is being played repetitively on the radio stations is straight garbage and many of those artists will only be one hit wonders and their music will be forgotten just as soon as another artist speaking gibberish hits the light with another fly beat.

Rap Artists from the 80s & 90s created legendary music that you will never forget and it will continue to be in rotation on every radio forever. Does anyone want to create legendary music anymore or would they rather just shine for the moment?!

Every artist no matter who they were, was an artist that took pride in their work and on being original by saying something that nobody else had heard displayed in that manner. They could all be rapping in some form about the same thing but the way they said it made you want to race out to buy that new "Tape', or "CD".  We even had that composition that was full of every lyric to each of our favorite rap artist's song!

Nobody even does that anymore. It seems the love for Hip Hop has died all over a tight beat.

You will see many people bobbing their head back and forth but can't tell you much of anything the artist is saying in the song.
Will the real Rap Artist's of today please stand up or at least guide the ones who actually want to perform the art. If not, then we will have a race of babies who know nothing about real music or real Hip Hop. 
Hip Hop to me is so much more than a dope beat. I feel like if you just don't have anything decent to say in your rap lyrics then simply just create an album full of beats with no words.

Very few lyrically skilled  rappers can be heard over the radio station today. Yet you can hear a ton of nonsense played constantly in rotation. 

Is it even Hip Hop anymore? You tell me where it all went wrong. 
What does the future truly hold for the love and passion of creating real Hip Hop music?!

Am I Being So Strong That I Push Him Away?

To be strong in this day and age as a woman is a major plus in the book to many guys who are being faced with many diverse challenges and seeking some comfort.

Yet many women who have found themselves constantly single are now asking the question,
"Am I Being too Strong?".

Many will even go on to add that they feel in some ways that their "strength" is pushing away a lot of potential partners.

Nothing is wrong ladies with being strong, classy, confident, and intelligent.

Strength is an excellent attribute for the right man because as his help-mate you will need to be able to be his support and back bone when difficult challenges arrive in the marriage or family.

Where many women mess up at in the area of proving their strength is that you have to know how to display your strength in a way that does not send the signal that, you do not "need" a man. A man wants to be needed by any woman he chooses to place in his life or give his last name to. Society has sadly pushed the idea of "in-dependency" to the point that it has made women who truly desire a male partner, to appear to not even want a man. In other words your attitude displays the "I don't need you" type of attitude which is a turn off for the right partner.

When you develop this personality over a period of time it soon becomes you. It makes it difficult for you to be loved because you automatically push men away from you even at times without notice, naturally.

 Any person born on this earth unless they came in with a twin is born "independent". However you still needed that nurturing of your mother in order to grow and survive. We as women were not created to be alone. We were not meant to be raising our children alone. You were not naturally designed to even create a life alone. So when you say that I am independent and I don't need a man, you are setting yourself up for a life of loneliness.

You get whatever you sow out into the world.

Am I being so strong & independent that I 'm pushing him away?

You can very well be because a man likes to feel as if he is in some form of control which is only his natural born instincts. A man wants to feel as if my wife or the woman in my life can relax, trust, and know that he is her protector and provider. There is a time and place for those "strong" moments that you display on a regular.

Being strong is knowing also how to humble yourselves and be submissive to your husband biblically as he follows his head whom is God.  Being strong can be displayed in many ways and does not always mean you need to yell and flex all the muscles in your body and neck to show him who you are.

Being strong can simply mean being quiet. You do not always have to make your point known to him, because it can simply be shown without being said.

Music and the media has such a negative impact on women today and many have fallen trap into taking on the identity of those characters that they see displayed. Being submissive is now deemed something negative. It is now the goal of every woman to prove to every man she meets that she can do it all by herself which sadly results in just that; her doing things alone because she reflects she doesn't need the help. The more she finds herself doing things alone, it eventually creates a space of bitterness within her. That bitter spot soon is reflected on any and every potential guy seeking to be part of her life and results in back to back let downs and failed relations.

Some women will state that being silent or submissive is a sign of weakness. They do not want to feel they need to bow down or "dumb" down their intelligence just to attract or have a man.

Being submissive and silent is not a sign of weakness. It is very powerful.

If I am in a field running around yelling and screaming then my predator can easily locate me and conquer me. Yet if I am in a field and I am silent then my predator can not find me nor discover my weakness, therefore I am difficult to defeat. 

When you are humble it does not mean that you are "dumbing down" your intelligence because the right man can appreciate a woman who can knowledgeably speak on any subject matter when the opportunity presents itself. He can also admire a woman who knows when to be silent when the moment calls for it and does not present herself out to be a wild thing any and everywhere they go. Always carrying the mindset or feeling the need to get her point across. That is a turn off for many men.

Change up the way you display your strength and you will find yourself attracting partners who will gladly stay around and look forward to learning more about you.

It is not what you say, its how you display.
                   Be gentle, swift to speak, and slow to listen.
Men need soft, delicate creations to come home to after the stress of the world.

      Don't be so tough and rough inside & out that he can't hold you or get next to you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Coming Up on Starrdom100 Blog Radio Show! Interview with Rap Artist Duke Brannon

Be sure to tune in next week as Starrdom100 Blog prepares to sit down for a live interview on air with the Rap Artist known as Duke Brannon to discuss his latest music.

Duke Brannon is from Mobile, Alabama and this will be an opportunity for fans and others to get to know him and follow his music!


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Monday, July 11, 2016

Gas Station Owner in Mobile, Alabama Makes Racial Comments Against Black People!

We know that the recent devastations of murders that have taken place in America among the Black Community has definitely shook up many as a whole. Many of us in the Black Community do not feel as protected or safe as we once did by the ones we once expected to serve and protect us which happens to be "some" of our local law enforcement officers.

People all over are taking a stand to unite with protests against the violence that has truly put many of us on the edge when we witnessed the live death of Philando Castile from Minnesota. His death among others such as Michael Moore of Mobile, AL and Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, LA has caused many of us to open our eyes to the realities of what is going on around us with racist police officers.

These matters have many of us to include myself in an outrage and in search of some justice!

With all of the protesting and marching taking place from cities such as Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Mobile, Birmingham and others, it is quite clear to understand that we as a people are refusing to accept these matters to continue without some change in the law to protect black law abiding citizens from racist police officers.

While reading up on my social media page about the daily events going on around the world, I happened to come across a disturbing status of remarks made by one of the owners, "Ali Kazem" of a gas station within my home town, Mobile Alabama. I was shocked reading the statements because when ever I am in town, I always stop at this particular gas station to get my gas before traveling. This gas station which sits at the corner of Azalea Rd and Airport Blvd  next to Popeye's, happens to be one of thee most used gas stations and definitely gathers the most usage from predominately black spenders!

You can only imagine the surprise on my face as I read his comments of how black people couldn't run a business and should just stick to selling weed and playing basketball after a young man stated how we could raise money to open a business.

Below are the comments he wrote and after reading these comments he can be sure to never receive another dime from me. I should hope many of those in the Black Community will be sure to take their money somewhere else since he feels that we are not educated enough to run a business and that we all should just keep playing basketball and selling weed!

The recent murders of innocent black men has caused America to hopefully wake up and see what is really going on around us. It is local gas stations and stores that we as black people walk in to support daily and yet we are being looked down upon as uneducated and being treated like animals. It is time for those in the Black Community to stop spending money in places such as this gas station and other companies that do not value us nor appreciate our presence in their stores. Our ancestors helped to build America off of their backs in the cotton fields, steel mills, and mines yet we are still not given much respect from our fair skinned community. You would think that unlearned individuals such as this gas station owner who happens to be Arab/Muslim would truly know the definition of being racially profiled seeing that fair skinned America thinks all of you are terrorist.

This is a time to pull together among minorities and not pull apart because your complexion seems a little fairer than your brethren who we are told in God's word to love one another as the Most High loves us. I'm sure this young man's family will be happy to celebrate the loss of financial income due to his comments.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Have Your Ordered Your SugaChild's All Natural Products Yet?

Women & Men alike love to take care of their skin. Sadly we know all to well that the foods we eat daily have a major effect on your skin. Some of us have even suffered from outbreaks that leave nasty dark spots on your face. Don't you just hate that?

So if you are anything like me then I'm sure you have went through tons of facial cleansers & creams to help get rid of those blemishes. Ladies we know that many of us run through tons of concealer to hide those discolorations and blemishes on our face.

I was so happy to finally find out about some natural products that actually work! No more harsh chemicals that lead to more outbreaks!

These products are made from natural ingredients and have positive results which was a major plus to me!

I have now began keeping my face clean by using the organic soap made from goat milk and essential oils  which removes blemishes from the skin. This soap is perfect for sensitive skin because it has no fragrances that could lead to break outs!

I have been pleased with how clean it leaves my skin feeling and how soft my skin is afterwards. My face even has a glow!

I also have three other types of soap for your skin by SugaChild's, which is the "Sweet Honey Almond", "Cucumber Melon", and the "Mango".
 I highly recommend using them for your body if your face is sensitive to fragrances. My favorite is the "Sweet Honey Almond" so far! I can't wait to try the others!
I even got some lavender bath salts for those days when you need to "whoo-sah"!

Did I mention that they are affordable?  Don't wait! Go order your soaps today because clear skin is a must when it's way to hot to cover up & make sure you tell them Starrdom100 Blog referred you!