Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Doing Whats Best for You"

Each day of your life should be dedicated towards doing whats best for you, which means not wasting time. Every year around this time and somewhere close to the end of December, people began making resolutions for the upcoming new year.

You shouldnt drag yourself around all year and then decide at the end to improve your life. I wake up everyday with a thought in mind on how Im going to get ahead or reach my goals. Im always first keeping a close prayer relationship with God and making my requests known to him and also being obedient to his word.

There are way to many hours in the day, to many days in a year to not accomplish anything. I never have understood why people sit around all year doing nothing but running their mouth about what they want to do and then never doing anything at all.

Does this mean they have no dreams? No.
It simply mean that they are not believers in themselves for the things they desire in life. See you can have a dream all day, but never pursue the dream because you doubt that it is possible to achieve.

Should we become critics about them? No.
Because honestly at some point in everyones life, you were clueless on what you wanted to do with your life, this occured sometime after high school or around sophomore year of college.
The main thing you want to do is not lose track of time, because honestly if you want to become successful in life, the phrase "I have all the time in the world" should be deleted from your vocabulary, because the years go by fast when you are doing nothing.

I hear people say, "Im about to start doing me", when honestly you should have been doing you!
What are you waiting for?  Now is the time to live your life happily! Dont keep putting yourself off and making plans that you never follow through with.

When setting goals, you should always set short term goals and a long term goal.
Short term goals can be as simple as getting decent transportation, or an apartment.
Long term goals can be things such as, completing college or starting a business.

When you set short term goals you can easily achieve then it helps get you moving in the right direction. Never set a goal and not have a planned date to achieve the goal. I always state my goal and then say I plan to accomplish this by a..... (specific date).

Many people have goals but never set a time to complete those goals, so their short term goals soon become like long term goals.
In all things you must remain focus and if you get side tracked, dont stay off track for too long.

Remember you only get to live this life once so make sure that you are living it by making it the best life ever.