Thursday, June 5, 2014

See Your Way Out!

I have always been a believer in signs and wonders. I believe that God has ways of speaking to us to reveal the things that we need to know in life. He may not always speak in the form that we need him to, but, he is able to send messages to us in a numerous amount of ways. All of us wish to be at some stage in our life where we feel that we have accomplished our goals and achieved a higher ground. The thing is sometimes those roads that we choose to go down may often bring us difficult encounters simply because we choose to walk in our own way rather than seek God for the way to go. I feel like we must always put God first in all that we do because it is then that we find ourselves leading more happier and pleasant lives.

When we do things of our own mindset, we tend to often make mistakes. We tend to find ourselves wasting time and effort in places that God never meant for us to be. I look at relationships for a topic. We all have our mind set on who we want to spend our life with or rather say that we have some form of an idea of who we feel that we need. So we end up meeting that person and we spend year after year with that person but no progress is ever made in that relationship. Instead you find yourself up and down and running in circles. Now you began to question God to send you signs on whether this is where you need to be. So you and the person break up for odd reasons. You and this person keep going back and forth with disagreements and you keep asking God to send you another sign. So the relationship begins to worsen. Now lets stop there. When we are in love, we ignore all the warning signs that God sends us to let us know that this is not the relationship I want you in. We ignore all the constant fighting, yelling, and issues that arise as signs to show us that something is not right with this picture.

I believe that what ever God has for you, will come together without confusion and doubt. You will not have to wonder if it is love because you will know with all your heart that it is love. You have to pay attention to the signs and be willing to not be blind folded to what appears to be love. Being comfortable is not a sign of love, often that is a sign of settling because you are afraid of the possibilities that await you out there.

You have to be patient enough to wait on the things that God has in store for you, whether it is a relationship, new vehicle or even a new career path.  Never assume that because you are comfortable that you are where you need to be. You can be content in a bad relationship, you can be content on a bad job, you can be content when someone makes your food wrong but you eat it anyway. It doesn't mean that its the right way to feel.

Sometimes God paints the picture so clear for us and everyone around us sees what we should clearly be able to see, and they tell us, but we refuse to accept what is being told to us because it is not being told the way we want it to be told.

This is that place in your life where you need to say, God remove what ever is blinding me from seeing what you have prepared for me so that I may walk in the right way & be blessed. Today you need to make it up in your mind that you want what God has for you and that you are willing to walk the distance to obtain what he has in store for you. Do not fear being able to seeing, I specifically mean seeing everything in your life for what it truly is. Accept it. Say thank you God for allowing me to see this and use this as a lesson to apply to your life so that you may become stronger.

Take a look at your job, your life, your relationships, your friendships, or what ever needs to be observed and say it's time for me to stop walking in darkness and walk in the light so that I can see.
It's time to remove the blind fold off of my mind and off of my heart so that I may reap the harvest while it is ready. This road called life is not always going to be an easy one. We are often faced with very difficult choices and made to let go of things we wish to hold on to no matter how bad they are for us.

Its like being sick and having to drink some nasty medication. You know the medicine will heal you but you still are hesitant about taking it and you prolong the healing process because you don't want the medicine because its not the kind of medicine you want. That's how life is, it may not give you what you want but it will always give you what you need. We battle against God for these very reasons. When we are not given that spouse, car, house, money, or job that we becomes an issue for us and we fight against it rather than for it. It is not until later that we discover why God was keeping us from those things we thought we wanted.

Sadly many across the world tonight will lose the best thing ever because they are chasing after everything but what God has placed in front of them. Many will remain wearing their blind folds happily and never be able to see the great things that await them if they only believe.

Don't wait until its too late to realize that God was only trying to bless you. He has a way that is better than our way. You only have to trust him.