Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reasons We Still Love Chris Brown!

 Christopher Maurice Brown, born on May 5, 1989, came on to the music scene and blew our mind back in 2005 as a singing and dancing sensation! Chris Brown's first album titled "Chris Brown" debuted at Number 2 on the Billboards and sold over 154,000 copies in the first week! I remember watching the video and thinking how amazingly talented this young kid was. His dance moves in hit singles such as, "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)", "Gimme That", and "Say Goodbye" just won our hearts over. It was easy to tell that a lot of his inspiration in music came from the late great Michael Jackson. Chris Brown not only brought us some memorable performances but he also inspired many to just be themselves with the gift they were given. We observed more teens coming out with more expression in their dancing just as seen by Chris Brown. Kids who were once turning to violence as a way to resolve their problems were now simply battling through dance to express their pain. YouTube became flooded with dance battles and dance groups showcasing their moves. I believe that no matter how much the media wants to play Chris Brown off as being a bad guy, he is so much more than what they say. This guy changed the expression of dance and took it to a new level!

Chris Brown brought back to the music industry a new face on an art that often can be overlooked. It was now no longer such a focus on the vocals but also back to the focus on the art of dance!

We remember growing up watching artist such as, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, James Brown, MC Hammer, Bobby Brown, and more come on stage and not only sing us happy but get us up and on to our feet. With every performance, we knew that Chris Brown would deliver to his fans each time he hit the stage. For those who watch him perform, it is easy to tell that he puts his heart into every move and into every album he releases. Each album and song displaying a theme and story line.

It's impossible to overlook the changes in the music industry that occurred when Chris Brown came on the scene. No he is not the first to ever do it, but he came and introduced us to him though his dancing.  He brought his on creative style and had many of us trying to imitate some of the crazy flips and moves that he was displaying.

You can try as you may but you can't destroy art! Chris Brown is what I like to call, "Moving Art"!  
I admire how no matter what issues made the news to try to destroy his character or his name, this young man still came out harder and better with every album that he produced! You will always have those who want to find a way to give Chris Brown a bad image but you can't break talent and I am proud of him for still standing despite all the rage of those who never knew him and never tried to known him. Just as his Instagram states, he is the one you love to hate.
 You have to have a tough skin in the music industry and Brown demonstrates that he is unbreakable!

The fans still love him because they along with many of us have watched him grow into the phenomenal artist that we see before us today. Chris Brown is not just loved by us but also is loved by his beautiful daughter, "Royalty". I'd like to think that with her in his life, Brown took precautions to become not just the example of a better artist but a better father because of her!

No matter how much they love to hate you Chris Brown, you are still loved by many of us and we desire to see you win and continue to rise on top by becoming among the greatest of artist to ever do it in the music game!

Major love to Actor Lance Gross for making a statement that we all can agree on via his Instagram page this week: 

  Chris Brown, like many is still human, and we all make the mistake of often allowing the wrong people to get involved in our lives. At times it is because we have such a huge heart for others and that heart tends to overlook the ones who only get close enough just to find a way to break you. I believe Chris Brown has let a few to many into his circle who were not truly for him. Just because they are in your circle doesn't always mean they are for you. I hope to see him rise above all of this!
 We are keeping him in our prayers here at Starrdom100 Blog and standing beside him through all of this recent media controversy with the young woman and her accusations.

                                             "You can't break ART!"
                                                                            "Art is Unbreakable!"
                                                                                                     - T. Starr Davis