Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Meet The Amazing Artist Known As Mervin!

Those who know me are aware that I'm always on the look out for things that amaze me and leave me in awe. I happened to be strolling along on one of my social media sites, Facebook and ran across a sketch that made me stop in my tracks and go find out who had created this work! I came across the artist known as Mervin Kaunda. The name Mervin should be Merlin because he creates magic right before your eyes on screen. His art is indescribable and I couldn't help but wonder why is Disney or Pixar not rushing to sign a contract deal with him for the next creation of film! This guy is magical!
 I began to look through some of the art that he had created and I just had to go out of my way to share his work with all of my friends and followers on the blog. I really hope Disney takes a look at this amazing art work that comes to life right before your eyes because I along with my daughter would definitely watch any movie that had his work featured in it!

Mervin states that "Most of the work you'll see here is my personal work which began because I couldn't find enough good artwork 4-5 yrs ago for my nieces and nephews. Mervin Kaunda is an Illustrator, Concept Artist, and occasional Animator.

  Check out some of his art below & keep up with him by following him on Facebook.
                                          Mervin Kaunda (@ArtofMervin)


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Black Male Edition: My Top 4 Picks of Celeb's To Watch

There are a lot of great male actors who are putting forth some amazing work behind the scene. Yet I can't help but have an eye for a few talented men who have been gracefully climbing the chart in some phenomenal roles over the last year or so. As a movie lover, here is my list of the handsome talented Celeb's that you all should definitely keep an eye on!

Coming in at first place is none other than the ever so handsome LANCE GROSS.

Lance started out making us laugh with his role as "Calvin Payne" on "Tyler Perry's House of Payne", and shortly after that he lit up the scene moving us all to tears in the movie, "Meet the Browns". The hottest scene to me was his role in "Tyler Perry's: Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor". Did we all not just melt when he pulled out that guitar and started singing topless?! Let's add that he just finished two great seasons in one of my favorite shows, "Sleepy Hollow" as "Agent Daniel Reynolds".
Lance Gross is definitely one to keep your eyes on in the industry, and not just because he is amazingly handsome, but because the brother can play any role and make it believable!.

The next celeb that you should keep an eye on is STEPHAN JAMES.

Stephan, a young handsome 22 year old from Toronto, Canada has played in numerous roles and television series to include, "Degrassi", "The Book of Negroes", "Selma" and recently "Race". He has an amazing trail of roles and proves to definitely not be a rookie to the roles he has taken on. He is a great actor and much of his talent shined in the Jesse Owens documentary, "Race". I was in awe when I went to see the movie and Stephan became Jesse on the scene so naturally. Honestly from this point on, I will not accept seeing anyone else play the role of Jesse Owens other than Stephan James.  Keep your eyes on him and whatever he is involved in because he is young but very talented! This brother is on the rise!

The next talented male actor that you should keep your eyes on is NATE PARKER.

He is not only an actor but also a director, producer, writer, and musical performer. I first took notice of Nate in the movie, "The Great Debater's", and also his role in "Red Tails", and let us not forget an outstanding performance in "Beyond the Lights". Parker just recently finished directing his own movie, "The Birth of A Nation" which talks about Nat Turner who was a slave that led a rebellion in Southampton, Virginia back in 1831. The movie won, the Audience Award & Grand Jury Prize in the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. He is a bright actor who is operating in multiple roles and you should definitely keep up with him!

Be sure to keep your eyes on CHADWICK BOSEMAN.
Boseman landed his first role in a television series back in 2003, called "Third Watch". Many of us began to take notice of the actor in series such as, "Lincoln Heights", and movies such as "Marshall", "Get On Up" and "Gods of Egypt", just to name a few. 
He shined for me first in the movie "42", which was a biopic on Jackie Robinson. I was in awe of his acting skills and well I have been a fan every since.

These are my "Top 4 Picks of Black Male Actor's on the rise that you should definitely keep your eyes on! They are definitely making some major moves in the industry! Expect nothing but greatness from each of them in the next few years to come! If you see them in a movie then go ahead and buy a ticket! Just know that I already told you it will definitely be a hit simply because they are in the movie!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Finally Natural Products That Work For Your Skin!

Women & Men alike love to take care of our skin. Sadly we know all to well that the foods we eat daily have a major effect on your skin. Some of us have even suffered from outbreaks that leave nasty dark spots on your face. Don't you just hate that?

So if you are anything like me, you may have went through tons of facial cleansers & creams to help get rid of those blemishes. Ladies we know that many of us run through tons of concealer to hide those discolorations and blemishes on our face.

I was so happy to finally find out about some natural products that actually work! No more harsh chemicals that lead to more outbreaks!

These products are made from natural ingredients and have positive results which was a major plus to me!

You can see how clear Tonia Durham's face is after using this facial cleanser!

 She states, "My skin regimen is SugaChild's Pure Goat Milk Soap Facial and I follow up with ButterMeUp Unscented Whip Shea Butter." 


 So finally we can all stop burning holes in our pockets on wasted products and go save some money by purchasing products that actually work and are healthy for the skin.

You can go now to place your order for these affordable products by hitting the link below!

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Double Shouts to Healthy & Safe Products for Your  Skin!

Monday, June 20, 2016

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Comedian/Actor Brandon T. Jackson Puts Out Some Knowledge On Twitter!

Everyone knows Brandon T. Jackson as a comedian and an actor from movies such "Roll Bounce", "Tropic Thunder", "Lottery Ticket", "Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son" and more! 
Brandon has even made guest appearances on Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out and is currently on tour! 

We know the handsome 32 year old for making us laugh and of course keeping us tuned in with all of his shows and movies but who knew that the brother was more than just a funny man?! 

Brandon T. Jackson went on Twitter enlightening a few about the history of black people. Now we know that many really try to avoid even discussing matters about our roots and some even only go as far as assuming that we are Egyptians because of our black skin complexion. However Brandon truly excited me as he put out some truth about Kemet, Shem and more for those who never truly understood or had been brainwashed about where we really came from. 

As usual many began to respond to the tweets sent out by Brandon and he stood his ground by giving them more knowledgeable facts to every response proving that he wasn't just talking for Re-tweets but really had done his research on this area of study.

 Many are now starting to wake up to our true history and it is a beautiful thing to know where you really come from. I put out some information on my Facebook page that broke down the birth line that led all the way back to Shem who was the eldest son of Noah. Many lay claim to the fact that we came through Ham who is also a son of Noah because of our black skin but that is not so. We come through the seed of Shem who is also the blood line to Abraham. Through Abraham comes his son Isaac, through Isaac comes his son Jacob, and through Jacob comes his son Joseph (The Dreamer). Joseph who is an Israelite is sold off into slavery by his brothers and ends up a slave in Egypt. Joseph later gains favor with the Pharaoh and is eventually set to rule over Egypt. He then has his family the Israelite's relocated along with his father Jacob to Egypt. It is said that the rise of Joseph's family made many of the Egyptians upset and that is how they were then forced into slavery for Egypt. So not many will dig deep into this study. Some just say we are Egyptians without really knowing and I was excited to see Brandon sharing the awakening of knowledge to his fans and followers! 

I had to send some love his way because the brother knew what he was talking about!                          

You can keep up with Brandon T. Jackson by following him on Twitter & Instagram! He is also promoting his own clothing line called "Kingdom Clothing".
                                    You can purchase it by hitting the link below.

I love the positive messages Brandon T. Jackson is sharing and I hope to see others of his status and class step out to also join in sharing the knowledge of our people!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Teen Killed In Mobile Alabama By Police Officer!

Over the past year or so we have been hearing multiple killings taking place by our most trusted individuals; our police officers. 

Just when we thought that the violence with police officers had come to a cease, we were hit the hardest in my home town with the devastating news of an 18 year old teenager, Michael (Mike) Moore, being brutally murdered by one of Mobile, Alabama's police officer's. 

Yesterday evening around 6;30 pm social media began to go viral as video footage was popping up left and right from various witnesses of the crime that had taken place. People were in an outrage as they were trying to explain to the news what had just happened right before their eyes. Many could not believe that an officer with Mobile Police Department could have done such a tragic thing.

One witness stated that she saw the whole thing and her report was heart breaking!

People gathered out into the streets as many stated hearing multiple shots! A frightening image below was shared on Facebook of the teen laying on the ground. Witnesses reported that the teen was handcuffed when the officer stood over him and fired four shots into him!

According to Fox 10 news website, "Investigators say just before 6:30 p.m., an officer saw a vehicle, with driver Michael Moore and two passengers, commit a traffic violation in the area of Stanton Road at Wagner Street. We're told Moore cut off another car. When stopped, Moore did not have a driver's license, so the officer asked him to step out of the vehicle. Police say once out of the vehicle, there was a confrontation and the officer noticed Moore had a handgun in his waistband.
Police say, "The officer drew his duty weapon and fired striking Moore four times." Officers later recovered a semi-automatic 40 caliber Smith and Wesson.
Mobile Police Chief James Barber was among the several officers and investigators. At the scene Barber told FOX10 News, "the driver did not have a driver's license was asked to step out of the car, at that point the officer saw a weapon that he reached for and shots were fired. The suspect was hit multiple times...we have recovered a pistol as well as a magazine from the ground out here...the magazine we're not sure where it came from."

Now many of us are questioning the report given to the news by the Mobile Police Officer. Those who stood by and watched everything happen are saying that there was "no gun" and that the teen only had his cell phone. By viewing the image above, you can look at the way his body is laying and determine that there was no sign of a struggle put forth. The image does however relate exactly to what the eye witness said happen. 

You can tell by the way the body is laying that the teen was laying down already in handcuffs and then was fatally killed while in that position. As a graduate with a Bachelor's Degree obtained in Criminal Justice I can only go off of evidence and knowledge. I strongly believe that if a physical confrontation had taken place between the officer upon where this child went for his weapon, then his body would have fallen in an awkward position or would have been slumped over. This chilling image does not show anything but the image of a teen who was obeying orders by laying down on the ground and putting his hand behind his back before being fatally killed! 
Two others were stated to have also been in the car with Michael Moore during this crime and no statements have been released at this time. The officer whose name has not yet been released is currently on Administrative leave. Inside reports state that the officer is new to the force and possibly acted out of fear but I would like to say, he completely disobeyed all protocol for handling this matter and chose to do something out of hate! 

The community showed up today at a council meeting about the murder and are seeking some answers. It was mentioned in the meeting that the police officer did not have on a body cam which as I have been informed by close police officers that MPD was required to wear their body cams at all times because of the outrage of crimes being committed by police officers in other states. So why was this officer not wearing his body cam? Or was it turned off? City councilman Richardson was questioning this very statement as well, "Why was his body camera not on him?".

Other Councilmen such as C.J. Smalls posted to social media that he wanted answers as well!

Our prayers are standing strong with the family members during this tragic lost and we all want answers behind this senseless crime!

Michael (Mike) Moore had plans of becoming something greater than what he had experienced growing up as a young child without his father around. He shared a personal post just last year stating how he wasn't going to ever put himself in a situation for them to lose him.
 Just reading this post brings chills to me and I stand with many others in hope that the truth is brought to the light and justice is served! #Justice4MikeMoore

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson released this statement  to Fox News regarding the shooting:

“Last night, a Mobile Police officer was involved in a fatal shooting just before 7 p.m. First and foremost, our prayers and condolences are with the family of Mike Moore. Any time a life is lost it is a tragedy. The incident is under investigation by the Mobile Police Department. We have called upon the FBI to run a parallel investigation with the MPD. I have complete confidence that the investigation will reveal the facts. I expect that this process will be as transparent as is legally possible. We ask for prayer and patience until the full facts are revealed.” 

Read more: http://www.fox10tv.com/story/32213724/mpd-identifies-man-shot-and-killed-by-officer-during-traffic-stop#ixzz4BaNZtNLn