Saturday, December 6, 2014

If Loving You is Wrong

There are so many women out there who are settling to love someone who is not loving them. These smart and intelligent women who are willing to sacrifice what they believe and know they deserve just so they do not feel left out when it comes to being the woman who does not have a man. These women are willing to lower all expectations at the risk of losing themselves. For what? So that you can have somebody. Somebody to them is better than having nobody. The fear of being alone makes them do whatever to keep a man. A man who could care less about them other than making sure she is avalaible to satisfy his needs when he wants them.
At some point you have to wake up ladies and see exactly what is healthy for you and what is not. At the same point you must understand that ita okay to be by yourself if he is not treating you right.
Its understood that many women have been broken by not having the male guidance they needed early in life. They grew up without their father so they missed seeing dad show love to them. Many have no clue of what it even feels like to be loved.

Here is the thing. Not knowing what love is has to do with the fact that many were never loved or felt isolated in life so they do not love themselves because no one showed them that they were important enough to be loved.

So here comes a slight bit of attention...the wrong attention and it seems to her that this is better than nothing.

Women you are prizes and you have to realize just how special you are even if it takes nobody but you telling yourself everyday that..."I Am Valuable", "I Love Me".  Say it and believe it.
When you believe it and know it then you will stop settling for men who treat you like crap.
Men who do not take the time in their day to call or check up on you but suddenly know your number when they need something or want sex.
Men who treat you second in their life and have not shown you any sign that they want more with you or that they want you to hold any title of importance in their life.

You have to let go of those type of men. There are some true gentlemen out there who are ready to sweep a woman like you off your feet if you will allow them and stop blocking the door with a guy who is playing around with your time.

You are no mans test object, do not let guys come in looking to test drive you and then leave you hanging when they are done using you up. Yea you have met them...they use you up then he leaves you to go get married.

I will say it is nothing wrong with being alone until the right man comes your way and when he does, he will not make you feel as if you are in competition with any other female.
He will truly treat you as his queen...his prize possession. He will adore you for all that you are.

He will never be too busy to call or come see you or even just hold you when you need it.

Stop loving the wrong guy...its time to love that guy who loves you and thinks you are the best creation this world has ever seen.
He is simply waiting on you to let go and follow what your heart needs.