Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Fool's Paradise" (Part 1) {Short Story} By: Author Tanisha D. Davis

I pushed my hair back out of my face & sat there drinking a Caramel Frappuccino while watching the clock.
Any minute now and I would be free to get out and enjoy my weekend. My cell vibrated again with another missed call from Jared but I wasn't trying to speak to him until he made up his mind about what he really wanted. Jared was a business man with a partnership at one of the largest law firms here in the city. Yet for some reason he only called me when he wanted to have sex and sadly that had became a known cycle for him. Each time I would call him, I would get the voicemail or some text message about how he was working late on a major case. He never responded to any of my attempts to schedule a lunch date or even just some time alone. He was the King of excuses and I refused to be his always available booty call.

I let out a deep sigh, finally it was time to go.

"You got any plans for the weekend?" A deep voice asked me from behind. I turned to see Malik rushing my way while managing to stuff papers into his black bag. "I'm not sure what I will do this weekend but it does consist of relaxing" I replied.
Malik smiled and stared at me with that same look he gave me each time he wanted something. "Well I was hoping that maybe me and you can go have a drink at the jazz bar downtown later if you available". he asked.
It was always hard to turn Malik down because he had been such a great friend to me over the years and yet I could not find the nerve to pursue a relation with him like I knew he wanted. Malik was 5'10 and had the body of a well trained track athlete. He was dark like midnight but had the prettiest white teeth ever. Malik worked in the Billing Department and managed to bring me coffee & donuts every morning. He was recently engaged but had cut the engagement off after the girl was caught cheating with his brother. "You know Malik, if we go on anymore dates, the office is sure to talk". I said smiling back at him.
"Let me get that door for you, and who cares what people think, I don't". He said while shrugging his shoulders.

"So there you are". "I have been calling you all day love".
I looked to see Jared headed my way.

I frowned and stared at Malik who was just standing there waiting for a response.

"So since when do we start ignoring each other?" he asked while reaching for my hand. Jared looked at Malik and gave him an awkward look. "Did she not tip you?" he asked Malik.

"Call me later, Morgan", said Malik as he turned and walked off.

"Stop misleading people love", said Jared as he smiled while watching Malik walk away.
"Must you be so rude and I'm not misleading anyone, that's your role remember?". I replied while getting into my car.

"So what about our plans for the weekend love, I'm thinking a boat ride on the bay with the best wine and your favorite food". Jared said as if he hadn't heard a word I said.

"Look we don't have any plans and I'd appreciate you not popping up at my job like this.". I stated while slamming my car door and starting up my car.

The music from the radio echoed through the now empty parking deck. I adjusted the volume and stared at Jared who still seemed to be in his own fantasy world.

"I remember a beautiful young woman walking into my office one day asking me to free her of a past situation and you know what? I did what she asked free of charge". He stated. "Now all I ask is for her love & affection for the good deed and yet she treats me like a bus boy cleaning the table she spilled her juice on". Jared leaned down and rested his arms on the window seal of my car and stared me directly in the eyes. "You do know that I can magically resurface your little past with the flick of a finger right?" "This little job would be no more and your little boyfriend would see you for who you really are".

I pushed the door open causing him to stumble back on to the ground. I stood over him with one of my heels between his now spread legs.

"Let me tell you something Jared Omar Hughes!" "You do not threaten me or scare me not one bit!" "If anything about my past comes up, I will see to it that you don't make it to see the next sunrise". "You know what I'm capable of and I do not take kindly to threats, so take your cheap threats and swallow them like your life depended on it".

I jumped in my car and drove off. I could see Jared in the rearview mirror putting on his shades and dusting off his suit.

I could not believe that he would stoop to such a low level just to get what he wanted.

I knew I had to make a few phone calls because if Jared did anything to allow my case to resurface then the evidence alone could ruin everything that I had worked for. Just my luck to have walked into the office of a crook.

I brushed my hair back from my face and decided to take Malik up on that offer for a drink.
I had to figure out a way to make sure that Jared kept his mouth shut.

I dialed Malik and tried to soften my tone.

"I knew you would call" he answered laughing.

"How did you know I would call you". I asked.

"After dealing with that jerk, there was no way you could resist such a gentleman as myself", he said and started laughing again.

I laughed and agreed to meet up with him later.


  1. Malik is exactly who we really want in the end. Love this!

    1. Thanks for Reading! There's more to come for Morgan & Malik! Part 2 will be posted tomorrow!


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