Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Let's Network!

It is so important to network with other like-minded individuals who share the same goals as you do. When like-minded individuals can come together with similar ideas and business goals, they are able to build something bigger than the initial plan. I see so many talented individuals who share a common ground of interest out in communities struggling to make a name for themselves by working solo. This is okay only if you intend to remain at one level with your work. You must get out there and connect with others who are in the same field of work as you are so that you can learn how to improve as well as grow your brand name. Writers and photographers should definitely stay in close network with each other because they can help grow business for each other. In the music industry as well as other lines of work, you will discover like minded people coming together to brainstorm ideas and host events that become a success because they are working together. You can't make it in the field your are in if you refuse to work with anybody or if you limit yourself on who you choose to work with. 

Take a look around your community or close vicinities and find others who are doing the same work as you and get in touch with them and exchange information so that when you come up with ideas for an event, each of you are able to help each other.

Major corporations started because people got together with their ideas and decided to turn it into something huge. It saddens me to see so many African Americans around my community that refuse to work with each other.
We all want to grow to have big names and receive high attention for our work but working alone only limits your audience. When you work together, you are able to expand your audience.

I see other writers in the same field as I am and they will not take the time to share or support the work of the other writer for fear that maybe that writer will get more exposure than them. Its absolute madness. You have to work as a team. I support your work and you in return support my work if its suitable so that we can grow together.
At the end of the day I always say that what God has for you is for you no matter what.
Nobody will be able to steal your shine if its meant for you to be a success!

We really have to get out of this "crabs in the bucket" mentality of where I don't help you and you don't help me for fear one will possibly be greater than the next. A mind that thinks like this will forever be held back. Its like holding on to a single brown penny all your life rather than everyone coming together with their pennies and building a bank. We have got to break this horrible aspect of thinking.  I recall an amazing experience a couple of years back where I went to a Fashion show event held in Atlanta, Georgia. A close associate of mine was having his work featured in the event. He brought me along and introduced me to others who performed the same work and we all exchanged cards and started connecting. I saw an increase in viewers for my work as well as an increase was made known of their work. We worked to promote one another happily.

Networking will allow you to meet others in your field or close to the line of work that you are aiming to reach. Too often someone may already be connected to another person that is a successor with what you are aiming to be great at. You will never know who knows who and a simple bit of communication can help you grow.

Let's make 2016 a year of growth with our business and growth also within our network list. Increase your contacts and you will see an increase within your brand.


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