Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We Shall Overcome...Violence in Black America

So the media has been filled with various issues if police brutality and the past few years have consisted of great levels of wrongful activity demonstrated from Law Enforcement officials. This behavior of course has caused a high uprise of hate in prodominately black communities worldwide.

I am still in search of the unity.

Let me dig slightly deep for a moment.
At some point in history...lets go way back. We were taught to hate ourselves. It was placed into our mental concept that something was wrong with our black skin and kinky hair. Of course we marched and we fought and great Civil Rights leaders went beyond measures that often ended in death to prove that we, that us...the people...of color had just as much right as any other human being. So these protests and marches on America led to freedom and equal rights from sea to shining sea.

Now jump ahead in time. How much respect have we shown ourselves for all of the things our ancestors fought for?

None. Instead females would rather post videos of twerking and see who can have the most baby daddies rather than get out and obtain an education and make something out of themselves. Nope. Instead the men in our society would rather spend more time proving to the next and I quote, "real nigga"...just how much of a "real nigga" he is by any means of violence and disrespect. You see it has already been installed deep in the blood line that he should hate himself and so therefore he sees no value in himself or the next black individual. So what is it to kill for him? Nothing.

The word nigger is defined as an ignorant person. So when they say, I'm a "real nigger" then they are simply saying, "Im real ignorant and I can show you".

So we are slowly decreasing our own self value and worth to the eye of the opposite race.

So now....when the police or any other race sees fit to assist us in wiping out our own race, we feel a level of anger. We are angry that other races are taking out our black men. We are angry that our black men are not being treated as human beings and with a level of respect all the while putting bullets to our own and screaming Im a real nigger?!

We hear the young black men yell constantly that they dont care about taking a life.

So now these same people have watched us for years...destroy eachother carelessly in song lyrics, in music videos, in books and now they have decided to join in because they feel that if you dont care about your own life then why should we?! Change needs to happen. We got to show that black lives matter to us first and not just show it when a white man pulls a trigger.

Nothing is ever right about violence whether its at the hand of a white man or a black man.

I fear that we only march for attention from the media.
I fear that we march because its all we think or know to do.
I fear we march because we honestly are lost souls looking to still fit into a society that we never originally belonged in the first place.

I fear that if we dont stop using riots and more violence as a way to solve this issue...that we will never get anywhere.

Lets fight back by educating ourselves. Lets fight back by obtaining better jobs and displaying a level of respect in the way we dress and carry ourselves.

A change is greatly needed in Black America. Violent behavior is not the answer. Change was won during the Civil Rights with peaceful acts.

Change starts with us changing how we present ourselves in Black America.

Lets stop showing the world that all black people know how to do is kill and harm people. Its more to us than what we show.
Otherwise....we will slowly find ourselves slipping backwards and remaining a slave within our minds. The chains are no longer visible around your ankles and they are tightly bound about your mind. Breaking them represents true freedom...freedom from the hate within yourselves.

Its that inner hate that gives energy to the opposite race to see nothing wrong with taking the life of another "real nigger" as the streets call them.

Its time for a change.
Change wont happen until we start loving ourselves and forgiving our upbringing.

This could go so much deeper because violent behavior is taught early in age. In school cheer you on for violent builds a bad rep and name on the streets for you therefore making you feel invincible and later invisible to the real world because they dont want your violent behavior around them. Henceforth confusing you because you have been brainwashed that being violent is cool so its all you know and are accustomed to so the police relate to what they assume you are accustomed to.

Again...its time to change these views.

If you can't save yourself...then create a change in the future generation that shows this black skin we wear is not cursed but blessed and well capable of doing greater than we give ourselves credit for.

We still trying to overcome...but sadly its ourselves we must overcome first and then the world will follow. The respect needs to be rebuilt in society for us and it starts with us promoting it from the inside then outward.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

What If You Got Distracted & Missed out on "The One"?

Ever met someone that you found yourself completely compatible with? That One?

You finished eachothers sentences and it was as if they could read your mind. Remember that person? Remember that feeling they gave you?

 I truly believe that sometimes we cross paths with "The One" and if we are not careful then we will easily miss out on the moment when it crosses our path. Often times we meet the one at the wrong time in our life and bad choices and decisions can cause us to run that person away. What if by chance, you met the one and ran them away unaware because you were caught up in a past issue. Maybe you were still dealing with an old flame that you had not let go of or maybe you simply were still busy playing the field and you figured you could just come back to that person when you were done, despite how great of a person they were to you.

I truly believe that God hears our prayers. We go before him and ask him to send us someone that truly cares about our heart after crying tears unto him from the scars of a horrid relationship. So eventually, I believe God says, "Okay", and sends you that special someone who truly cares about your heart. This person is a call away and always there when you need them no matter the hour of the night. This person is such a major addition to your life that you are wowed as to how someone so great could have ever existed right within your reach.

How did you treat that person? 

Many have sadly overlooked them or friend zoned them and left them puzzled and believing they had done something wrong to be unworthy of their love. Its no greater pain than to be everything to someone and they cast you aside to go be with someone else. That is a hard pill to swallow and it is a pain that never gains the proper healing unless you go through much prayer.

Years later is when they come around to discovering they truly messed up and missed out on that one. I never understood why they just were not able to see it the moment that it was before their eyes. Why were they so blind?

Observe the red flags, because one day love...real love is going to cross your path and if you get distracted, you just might never regain that moment again.

Living Single & Waiting

So you are single and the wait for that right one is starting to take its toll on you and you are wondering will you ever find the right one.
Yes the single life at times can become frustrating because you are tired of going in circles and opening up to new people only to find yourself in a mess later. You think to yourself about the precious time you keep wasting with the wrong people.
Well here is a tip for you as you push through this season of waiting in your life.
Take this time to prepare yourself for your future mate. Go back to school, work on your career, build your finances, or even work on your physique by hitting the gym. Make the best of this waiting period. See it as a time to prepare yourself for that mate to come.
Stop Searching and just focus on you.

At times we are so wrapped around the fact that we feel lonely and we are watching others appearing to be so happy to the point that you are honestly wasting more time looking at others rather than getting yourself together.
Singles tend to become depressed and gain weight and become bitter with complaints of how they will never find the one. Stop all of that negative talking!
Get out and discover the best parts of you. Take advantage of this quiet season to discover what you really like so that when your mate comes, you will be able to identify that he/she is exactly what you need in your life.
Prepare yourself!
Have you ever seen a groom or bride just hop out the bed and go down the aisle?
Not in this lifetime!
They prepare and go through all types of rehearsals and dieting and preparation mentally and physicallly for this life long transition.
So therefore use this moment to prepare. There is a reason behind it all and you should quit downing yourself.  None of those past relationships were meant to work out because God has someone especially for your heart and type of personality.
Thank God that they left, or did something foul to be dismissed from your life. Now reshape your mind and pull yourself together and prepare for the best love ever to come.
Get those abs together, tone those legs and get that flawless skin going!
When you are found....Dear Ruth
When you see her...Dear Boaz
You will be ready mentally & physically so start today preparing for that walk down the aisle!

Drawing the Line Between Gospel & Worldly Music

So Im riding in my vehicle and enjoying the usual sounds of gospel and worship music flowing through my radio on the way to work when I suddenly here the new single, "I Luh God" by member Erica Campbell of the gospel singing group Mary Mary. Now I enjoy a lot of music and I listen to many genre's of music but this had my face twisted in all forms of confusion because it sounded like something that should have been played in the night club rather than on a Sunday morning. I do believe that if you are going to use the name of God as the source behind your music then at least bring forth a sound that reflects him in your music. I have always been a fan of the group's music and I must say I was dissapointed at the use of slang and some male in the background sounding like he was putting sound effects on an album probably meant for a hood rapper rather than a woman of God.
She might as well have song for the world rather than did this single.

What is gospel?

Gospel is the teaching of the death, burial and ressurection of Jesus Christ. So with gospel music, it should be a representation of Christ. I should feel a move of God in my spirit when I hear it, I should feel as if God himself was in the midst coming through every word and melody played out to me from my car speakers.
Yet this song....I felt as if Erica was dropping the hottest rap album ever rather than a gospel track.
The bible teaches us to set aside a difference between us and the world.
How can we as follwers of Christ lead a dying world to Christ if we are mingling with them and singing tunes to impress them rather than impress God.
Is this what The Gospel of Jesus Christ has come to? Is this what worship has become?
I admire she is trying to bring a new sound but sometimes a new sound can be done without creating music that sounds too much like the world.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Be on the Look Out for MY New Book, "Roses & Thorns"

Be on the Look Out for my New Book which will be coming out soon!
This book feautures a host of my poetry and short stories themed around Love and the Growing Pains of Relationships. In this book you will also be blessed with some inspiring information to help you grow beyond any rough moments in your life.
Be on the Look out for
"Roses & Thorns"
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I had the amazing opportunity to attend the MAXLIFE Conference here in the beautiful city of Birmingham, Alabama this past Thursday evening at Faith Chapel Christian Center, which is under the leadership of Pastor Dr. Michael Moore.
 I immediately rushed home from work so that I could be empowered with a word from on high. The conference was packed from wall to wall with visitors and members as our ears were blessed with amazing singing from Preashea Hilliard and her worship group. I must admit that it took me a minute to digest the fact that this amazing singer was the daughter of the speakers, Bishop I.V. Hilliard and Pastor Bridget Hilliard.

We were blessed with amazing teaching on Thursday night from Bishop I.V. Hilliard who opened up informing us of the dark moments in his life and how God elevated him from that place into the bountiful place he is now. He and his lovely wife are now working on the creation of their own network which will be the 1st Christian Womens Network, featuring a variety of subjects to motivate and empower women all over the world!
As if the night could have not been even the more exciting, we had the pleasure of being touched by the powerful dynamic voice of Tasha Cobbs!
This was my first time experiencing her live and might I add that my soul was moved into a high level of worship. Her voice echoed through out the building as she opened up performing songs such as, "Break Every Chain" & "For Your Glory"! My daughter stood beside me praise dancing to each song as her seven year old heart was overjoyed with the performance.
This truly was an amazing event!

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Who Cares about the Truth when we have Lies"

Who really cares about the truth when people are more recieving of lies? You can reveal the truth and people will still go on to believe what they choose to believe simply because the truth hurts too much. Take a female in a relationship for instance where she has heard multiple rumors that the guy is cheating and she will go and say something like, "Well I havent seen it with my own eyes, so I wont believe it". What makes you think that a professional cheater will let you catch them cheating?! I've always paid attention to when multiple people...not just one but multiple people including family are telling you that the person you so wrapped up in is really unfaithful and out to use you. Why is it that we ignore all the advice and red flags in our faces?

Its simple.

People are so insecure and afraid of letting go. They would rather have a piece of nothing than to have nothing at all. They know the truth, their gut has given them that bad feeling that all the rumors are true but they ignore it because they have grown comfortable with the lies.

The sad part is we all want to warn our loved ones and friends about harmful activity because it is so dissapointing. Yet when you tell them the truth, they turn their backs on you. They assume you have some secret motive and just don't want to see them happy. Love is blind. Its blind to the truth and you cant tell a person who is in love the truth because they are blind to what everybody else sees and knows.

They will not be satisfied until they continue on and see it in full effect with their own eyes. My grandma always said, "A hard head makes a soft behind".

Some have to learn the hard way and there is nothing you can do to save them from the pain. Yet if you have done your part, then just step away for a while.
The truth no matter how it is attempted to be hidden and covered will soon surface.