Thursday, June 2, 2016

"When Being A Good Woman Isn't Enough"

She's the woman who has been disappointed time after time. She is the one who doesn't believe in being bitter about her past misfortunes so she continues to give each guy she meets a fighting chance. She believes each time within her heart that this guy is going to finally be the one.

Yet each time she finds herself deleting another number from her phone.

She begins to think that there must be something wrong with her.

She says to God, "I'm not like a lot of women". She sheds tears while kneeled down in prayer asking God to send her a man that will love her and cherish the woman she is because she is overwhelmed with being hurt and is slowly losing hope.

Every guy that she meets describes her personality in full and says that she is the type he would like to marry, yet his actions within weeks time prove that his mind is far from seeking her hand in marriage.

She takes long walks in the park and observes the happiness of others and even though she doesn't fully know their story, she thinks at least they have somebody. She starts to doubt the whole idea of love because she sees her friends and family mistreat their spouses yet they are still together.

She says to herself, maybe that's what men really want.

Maybe men don't want the understanding, faithful, not always in the street type of woman.
Maybe men want the lying,cheating, dramatic woman instead because those are the ones she notices they chase the most.

She feels that God is just ignoring her wishes and is blessing everyone else with what they desire all while making her sit and watch it unfold alone.
So cruel she thinks.

She has had enough and feels that being a good woman just really isn't enough anymore.
She is giving up and the next guy who comes her way won't even get a fair chance anymore because she will assume that he too just wants to take advantage of her and she is done with having her
flowers crushed.

If you can relate to how she feels then I want to share some powerful words of inspiration for you.

Yes you are an amazing woman and you are exactly the type of woman that some men need when they decide to take that long walk down the aisle. You have observed everyone and everything but have you observed the most beautiful thing in the midst of your misfortunes.

I always say to see the positive within the negative.

You were not made for "every" guy. You were specially made for that "one" guy. You see God did not pull multiple ribs from Adams' side, he only pulled out "one" rib for Adam. There is a man after God's own heart who is seeking you just as hard as you are seeking him but you have to fight through all the distractions to see him. In other words you got to quickly free your path of those who mean you no good.

How can he find you if someone is occupying your mind and your apace. It is like trying to get to a door but a brick wall is blocking the way. Your designed husband can't see you because there is a wall in the way. That wall is the counterfeits that you keep allowing to reside in front of the door.

During this single time in your life, you must keep your path free of any blockage and focus on nothing but God and God alone.

God says to seek him first and all other things will be added unto you.

Have you been keeping your mind and heart on God or on the distractions?

I love the story of Ruth as many do because Ruth was focus on working in the field so that she could eat and survive. She was not looking for Boaz. She was not distracted by anyone. She was simply focus on a goal which meant gaining the nourishment needed for her body. Yet while staying focus on her goal...Boaz had taken notice of this woman who was not paying him no attention. Boaz went off to other men to inquire of her. he then started finding little ways to bless her by leaving food trails here and there along her path.

The man that God has for you will find a way to not only be part of your life but bless your life. He will give you that fulfillment that you seek for your body, mind, and soul. He will not come to take from you but to add to you, just as Boaz did for Ruth.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are simply just not right for some of the people you have allowed to distract you. Your patience has not gone unnoticed by our Heavenly Father and there is one who will come that will help you see just how amazing you are.

Joseph went through years of chaos & neglect before he was exalted up as a High Priest in Egypt.
David was ignored and seen as just a little lad only fit for tending sheep but had no idea he was destined to be a King.
Job was a man who lost everything he had but was later rewarded with double for all his trouble.

So just because your story is not starting out as peachy as the next woman does not mean your ending will be a sad one.

Hold your head up high and stand on the promise of God.
Doubt is just a trick of the enemy to make you think that the God we serve does not love you or want the best for you. Your good will not have been in vain.

Your King is coming but will you be ready when he arrives or will you be distracted by another?!


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