Saturday, August 6, 2016

Kazoola Eatery & Entertainment in Mobile, Alabama!

Are you wondering what to do on a Friday night in Mobile, Alabama?

Then I know a spot that you should definitely be sure to stop by.

While deciding to take a stroll through the beautiful downtown area of my home  city, Mobile, Alabama, I happened to hear some real soulful music. I had to follow the sound because I love the neo soul type of music so I bypassed a ton of spots to later find myself standing in front of Kazoola!

I stood just outside of the glass nodding my head to the live band that was playing before a lady who must have been in charge noticed me and my guy & invited us inside to check it out.

The lights were dim and the place which was full of beautiful purple lights had a nice mature crowd of people relaxing and nodding their head to the band. I must admit that I was truly in awe because I had not witnessed a more laid back soulful venue in my home city before.

I stood the entire time, not once taking a seat because I was too busy clapping my hands to the music of the band and live singing.

The name of the spot which is "Kazoola" comes from the middle name of, Cudjoe Kazoola Lewis, or Cudjo Lewis, who was the last known survivor of the Atlantic slave trade between Africa and the United States. Together with 115 other captives, he was brought illegally to the United States on board the ship Clotilde in 1860 to Mobile Bay.

Kazoola showcased many of the historical arts that represented the area of "Magazine Point" known historically as "Africa Town". Africa Town is where the last slave ship settled in Mobile Bay known as the Clotilde. Mr. Cudjoe Lewis was actually a relative to my step- grandmother.

Having grew up in the area of "Africa Town" on Chin Street, it was nice to see the art of Cudjoe represented as well as old pictures from my former middle school, (MCTS) Mobile County Training Middle School which formally had been a High School years ago.

I highly recommend anyone who is in town visiting the city of Mobile, Alabama to make Kazoola one of your stops!
Tell them that Starrdom100 Blog recommended you to visit!

Kazoola is downtown's newest jazz bar and restaurant. Live entertainment Thursday - Sunday. Enjoy Thursday "Jam Sessions" and play alongside musicians. Happy Hour is Monday - Friday, 4pm - 7pm. No cover Thursday - Friday. 

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