Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Brandon T. Jackson "Fresh-N-Funny Tour" in Atlanta, GA

Friday night in Atlanta, Georgia was busy as usual with people trying to beat traffic and get ready to start their weekend off right. If you were like me, then you were getting dressed to beat the lines to the Uptown Comedy Corner located at 800 Marietta St NW to see the Actor/Comedian Brandon T. Jackson hit the stage for his #FreshNFunny tour.

Jackson recently had just came back from doing a show in Sacramento, CA at the Punch Line Comedy Club. The show was sold out!

Jackson made his way down to Atlanta, GA accompanied by another comedian on the tour with him by the name of Brandon Scanavich. Brandon Scanavich is a young stand-up comedian from Memphis, TN and has traveled along with other comedians such as Michael Blackson and has truly been on the rise with his comedy career! The young comedian teamed up with Jackson and has been traveling along side him during the #FreshNFunny tour. 
Double Brandon's equaled Double the laughs!

This was my first time seeing Brandon T. Jackson perform live. Jackson is known for his many roles in movies such as, "Lottery Ticket", "Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief and its sequel, "Roller Bounce", and "Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son", to name a few.

To actually see the young actor hit the stage outside of the big screen was absolutely amazing.

You often hear that some actors who play humorous roles are only funny on the screen but I can attest that Jackson is funny on the screen and off the screen without a script!

The show was amazing!

Scanavich & Jackson  gave us that down to earth comedy that we all could relate to in our personal life. It's not easy making me laugh but they both did just that and I was glad to have been in attendance.

To be able to relate to your crowd is absolutely what comedians need to be skilled at. Jackson came out on stage giving us laugh after laugh as he shared stories of family experiences and a few tips about relationships that kept us all on the edge of our seats laughing. Although we were able to find humor in what he shared, there was also some knowledge being tossed out there which made us relate more to what he had to say.

The weekend for the comedians led to a sold out show in Atlanta!
If you were wondering about attending a show this year to hear the comedians then you definitely should grab your tickets in advance!

Be sure to follow Actor/Comedian Brandon T. Jackson on Instagram & Twitter (@brandontjackson) & also be sure to  follow Comedian Brandon Scanavich on Instagram(@brandonscanavich).

You can also keep up with both comedians on Facebook!

Have you noticed the clothing that both Brandon's are rocking?

Brandon T. Jackson has his own clothing line out called, "Kingdom Living Clothing". You can purchase the shirts that they are rocking by following Brandon T. Jackson on Instagram and clicking the link in his Bio to place an order!

Be sure to catch the #FreshNFunny Tour this year and if you meet either of them, then right before taking that picture, pause and tell them that Starrdom100 Blog said to get a ticket because the show will definitely be worth the trip!


  1. Just saw Brandon's stand up comedy show in Maryland, he is a good comedian. I had only saw him as an actor.

  2. I wish there were more places like this, because it was simply too amazing for words. I came here with my boyfriend the other night, and it was absolutely fabulous. The use of wood throughout the San Francisco event venues adds a very warm and inviting feel to venue.


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