Saturday, August 27, 2016

Who's Fresh & Hot in Atlanta Music?

"New Faces are hitting the music scene daily but if it's not Hot then we don't want to hear it!" 

Today people want music they can relate to and more importantly hold your attention because that is what keeps the crowds happy. Hip Hop Artist Jamond Hart known to many by his stage name "LayedBak" is giving the people just what they are looking for by producing phenomenal music!

"LayedBak" is making waves as an Independent Hip Hop Artist and songwriter straight out of Southeast Washington, D.C! 

"LayedBak" states that although he was only able to experience a brief moment in the Nation's Capital, it is still an inspirational place that helped him to evolve into the amazing artist that he has become today.

"LayedBak" was born in Charlotte, NC and relocated to the Atlanta, GA area to pursue his dream in the music industry as well as to bring some extra heat to the city with lyrics that transform you by combining a hot mixture of Pop, R&B, and that old school rap that we love! 

"LayedBak" states that his passion for music began at an early age when he was influenced by his cousin, a known local artist, who taught him that you need to become a scientist of word play and literature before you make that leap into the Hip Hop industry.

"LayedBak" took hold of the advice given to him by his cousin and was determined to produce a style with his music that was different and untouchable! His desire was to not only produce music that sounded like every other artist but to present music that would definitely make you pause & say,"Who's That?".

After taking his time and putting in a lot of effort and dedication with his music, he then decided it was time to branch out and give the streets something much needed. It was time to take things to the next level in his music career!

When asked who inspires him the most in the industry, "LayedBak" stated that his inspirations come from artists such as, Jay Z, NAS, Andre 3000, Lauren Hill, Rico Love, Biggie, Tupac, and Eminem.

You can definitely tell that he has formulated his music by listening to some of the greatest to ever do it in all genres of music! 

I had the pleasure of checking out his latest single, titled "Hustle" and this joint is definitely worthy of radio play! Trust me, if I like it then you know its jumping!
 "Hustle" defines something we all have been doing all of our life especially if you never came in this world with privilege. I can definitely relate to this joint and I feel others will relate to it as well. "LayedBak" is reflecting in his music the reality of life but also tossing in some bomb beats that leave you head nodding and tuned in to every verse. You never know what a person has been through and if you don't know then you definitely won't understand the reason behind the "Hustle". Be sure to go download this hit single, its everywhere on ITunes, Google Play and Spotify! I already downloaded it so I'll be listening to it while you all add it to your playlist! 
 I'm ready for the entire album to drop!

What can I say about LayedBak? He has what it takes to rock the Hip Hop industry! 
Can we say shout out to the "Hustle"?! 
Without it, where would most of us be? Go now and cop that single! 

           "LayedBak" is an Artist you should keep your eyes on!

  Keep up with "LayedBak" by following him on All Social Sites under his label name!  (@LayedBakDFR)

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