Saturday, October 8, 2016

Actor/Comedian Brandon T. Jackson Has An OBSESSED STALKER!

Everyone knows the funny man, Brandon T. Jackson for his movie roles and his latest Fresh & Funny Tour that has been quite successful with sell out shows all year. However we received a tip this morning that the actor has been dealing with a crazed fan on Instagram since August of this year, who has been causing problems between him and his current girlfriend, Denise Xavier, claiming that she is married & pregnant by the actor!

The female, has a full page on Instagram claiming that she and the actor are married and expecting a baby!


We all know that celebrities deal with crazy fans everyday but we think she has taken things to the next level, and we call that obsession!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending one of Brandon T. Jackson's shows in Atlanta, Georgia for the Fresh & Funny Tour, and I was shocked to discover that this female had even stolen one of my pictures and posted it on her page as if she were me! Her page also consists of possibly other stolen images from the web of pictures of twin babies that she claims are also the actor's children by her!

I knew I was popular with my writing but to see her use one of my pictures was a huge shock! Who else is she imitating just to cause problems for the actor. Brandon T. Jackson is a very spiritual and down to earth man and sadly this is an issue that we hope he can resolve.

What in the world is wrong with people when it comes to these celebrities?
It appears just from strolling down her page that she has created her own little world evolved around her and the actor. We can only hope that the actor is able to get matters under control before he stars in a real life sequel movie of Obsession!

This is crazy!

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