Friday, January 29, 2016

"Sorry But I'll Wait" [Issue 2]

So for those who took the time to read my first portion of this article, you are pretty much aware of my thoughts on the idea of waiting and not rushing.  The dating game is no where like it used to be because society has promoted those things that are disrespectful  to ones self as being the thing to do. Men and women are failing to be in committed relationships because nobody wants the obligations of being in anything serious. Sex has become so easy to get. So the whole idea of pursuit is just vanishing off the scene. I will admit that there are still some who believe in that old school form of love and dating. Then there are those who might as well stop lying about how they want the right person to enter their life. They really should be saying I'm looking for the right person to screw because the last screw just got old to me and I want something new to play with.

You really have to be careful with your heart these days. Be mindful of the intentions of others before you open up so quickly to them. I know you want to keep it real and not come off as being fake to them but you just can't tell everything on dates. Some doors simply should just barely be opened.

This is the link to why a lot of people experience false love because you tell it all on the first couple of dates. He or she does not need to know that you were raped and that your parents are on drugs or that your cousin Joe likes to steal your money. You will run somebody away before you even get them. Even the sweetest person will take flight at the first hint of a possibly crazy situation. So wait and take your time. Honestly those things should be cautiously presented over time.

I also want you to keep in mind that just because someone runs off does not mean it was something wrong with you. Let me say that again. Just because a person leaves you, does not mean there is something wrong with you! Maybe you expressed how much you hate cigarette smoke and this person might smoke packs daily and because they feel they now don't have a shot with you, they leave. Maybe you say you are a vegetarian and the person is not, so they move on.

You have to learn to say thank you when people walk out of your life or leave. It could be something you don't know that God is protecting you from.
We don't let strangers in our house to easily right? We even monitor the cable guy for a while when he comes in. So you definitely don't want to open the door to hasty to a stranger that you have only known for a few weeks, let along your heart.

So what, that everyone around you seems to be in a relationship. Will it last is the question you should be wondering. Do you want something that's over in a year or months? The old saying is that good things come to those who wait, therefore wait.
Cakes don't get done as soon as you put them in the oven. Take your time as you search for the right one for you.

Stop letting social media fool you to believe everything you see. Those same couples flashing smiles on social sites go to bed arguing and fussing at night. Those same couples have more reports of domestic violence than you know about. Those same couples almost killed each other the night before they took that smiling picture. You don't know if she hides black eyes behind all that make up or if he is hiding scratches across his chest under his shirt.

Looks are deceiving. You don't know what type of hell she went through just to get him to marry her. You don't know what type of hell he deals with at night when he yelling on the phone for her to please come home because she been in the streets all night.

The your time love and the next time someone reminds you that the clock is ticking...simply say "It's cool, I'll wait".

I promise there is somebody out there for you. Don't rush love!

"Sorry But I'll Wait" [Issue 1]

So you have been waiting.
Waiting patiently to meet the person that life says is "The One".
I know it has been quite a stressful journey because you have found yourself experiencing countless dates with those who have not turned out to be who you thought they were.
I mean you're basically yelling at the heavens to give you a break because you are tired of all the crazy experiences that have sadly left you looking at the clock and wondering will you ever meet, "The One".

You have asked your closes friends and family members if you are doing something wrong or even if you should simply give up on the entire thought of true love and accept the single life. I can relate with you. I feel your pain. I know the agony of being disappointed over and over again.

So you hold your head up and despite how many times you have been hurt, you find yourself keeping your wall down and trying to give someone a suitable chance because you don't want to be hard on them because of your past experiences. Each time you go out and you are yourself. You are the loving and understanding person that you were born to be. The person is amazed out how "normal" you are. They say things like, "You are rare", "I've never met anyone like you before". Your heart leaps because you think that just maybe the search is over and that for once in this life, a person exists who understands you.

Yet eventually the calls stop. The sweet text messages vanish. Suddenly they are occupied or not available. You wonder if you did something wrong because remember all you did was be the nice calm person that you know to be.

Let me help you out.

It's not that you are a bad person. It's just that often the people you date or give time to are not looking for the same things you are looking for at your current point in life. Let me be real and say that some people are simply amazing actors and liars. They will say and do all the right things to achieve what ever it is they seek from you and then vanish without any explanation.

Those unanswered explanations haunt you daily because nobody is telling you why they are leaving despite all the great things they said about you.

You really have to take a step back and free yourself from those past let downs and not hold yourself captive to another persons actions. So he left your for a loose woman despite saying he was looking for somebody to settle down with. Often ladies you have to dig a bit to find out real answers. When he stated that he wanted to settle have to wonder what type of woman was he looking to settle down with. So men she said she wanted a good man but you have to ask questions to find out what exactly she considers a good man.

Failure to ask questions leads to a lot of wasted time and repetitive behavior of hurt.

Don't be in such a rush to settle down with someone that you forget to ask questions. Those questions will help you figure out more than you think.

So I know you are ready to throw in the towel. You are tired of praying for "The One" but you have to trust God and not your own  self instincts. Our bodies can be tricky and often we make decisions off of our mood and not off of facts.

Your mood says I'm tired of waiting and being lonely. So you make a life long decision that you might regret later.
Maybe you think those ex's that are popping back up might be the one. Keep in mind that an ex is an

ex for a reason because anyone destined to be in your life will stay.

Love takes time. It doesn't happen in 90 days. Remember Cinderella went through a lot before she eventually met her Prince Charming and guess where she found the woods.

Your woods may be this rough moment you are experiencing where you are ready to quit. Keep singing, keep staying joyful and you just might bump into the love of your life.
I promise the wait would have been very well worth it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

5 Questions All Single Men Should Ask

Before you get too serious…
Is the new woman in your life a keeper or a player?

We have read over a dozen books and articles that are giving the women tips on what to ask a man or what to look for in a man that she assumes will be a potential spouse but we have yet to read up on issues to help the men out.

Just as there are bad men out there, you should also keep in mind that there are some ruthless and coldhearted females out there as well.

Men before you get too attached, lets pump those hormonal brakes and find out what she really is all about. You need to ask basic questions so that you can gain some understanding of where her head is and if she will be a potential partner for the night or for the future.

1. What are your short-term or long- term goals?   

 This question is very important because you need to know exactly what she has going for herself. How can a Queen help out the King if she has no desires to do anything greater in life. You want a woman who will build with you and bring ideas to the table. You don't want to marry a woman who has no plans for the future and just follows you around like a shadow while you make all the decisions and she is not driven enough to motivate you and your plans.

2. What are your views on relationships or marriage?

This is a great question to ask because you need to find out if she believes in things that you oppose of in a relationship/marriage. You could be getting yourself involved with a woman who believes the opposite of you and that can cause division and confusion along the way. Her idea of being loyal could simply be just coming home every night rather than the whole perception of what she does when she is outside of the home or the company she is keeping. There are so many women who are married or in a relationship that live the lives of single women. Your goal is not to look for a woman who is perfect but for a woman who is a perfect fit for you. So many believe that opposites attract but honestly there must be a common ground between the two of you. The only thing opposite may be the gender. You need to have some common goals to make it work.

3. What do you think about me?

This may seem hilarious to ask but trust me, you need to know what a woman is thinking about you just as much as she wants to know what you think about her. When you ask this question, be quiet and observe. Observe for body language and look her in the eyes when she talks or if its over the phone, then simply listen. Little sayings like "Um, what do you mean?" or short laughs could basically signal that she doesn't take you serious and you may just be fun time. The last thing you want to do is waste your time with a woman who is playing games with you and may only be interested in your finances more than she is into you. She should calmly be able to express what she thinks about you without hesitation.

4. What kind of relationship do you have with God?

Many avoid asking these questions because they feel that someone's beliefs should not affect you pursuing a relationship with them. However it is very important to know what type of person you are dealing with because they might seem to be the love of your life but she may be an atheist. She may worship Satan three times a day. So you need to know where her spiritual life resides. You need to be sure that again as stated before that you both share some common ground. Every one finds themselves in need of prayer at some point and the last thing you want is to be in need of prayer and she is making chants to Satan. It doesn't hurt to ask.

5. How well are you with managing money?

Money makes the world go around right?
Then nothing can mess up your world than trying to build up your finances with a woman who loves to spend more than she loves to save. You will find yourself in some financial debt sooner or later. You can always take full control over the finances but eventually you will have a battle when she is complaining about wanting to purchase things while you both are trying to save for something greater. Be sure that she has some understanding about the importance of saving and managing money well so that you do not find yourself losing more than you are earning.

These are simply just a few top questions to ask the women that you are pursuing with hopes of later becoming a potential partner for you. Every man needs a woman who will help to bring out the best in him as well as be his backbone. There will be times when you may fall on rocky cliffs in your life and she will need to be able to swing the weight if possible. You need more than just a pretty face standing around you collecting dust and nagging about everything she feels you are not doing to make her happy. You also need to be happy. A sad puppy will eventually find a more welcoming home.

 So single men take some time to ask these questions and as many as you need to feel confident in the woman you plan to have a future with.


Monday, January 18, 2016

"Balancing the Line between Physical Attraction & Business"

We all are very much aware of those who only support you because they are physically attracted towards you. When the desired feedback is not given to them because of that attraction, they can become bitter and outraged.
 The confusion that many face is often trying to figure out if an individual is supporting you because they like you or because they actually admire your talent.
I for one can say that just because I find an individual attractive does not mean that I will support your work or talent based merely off of an attraction. I can be physically attracted to you and find your work crappy. If I choose to support someone whom I am physically attracted to, you can rest assure that I am only supporting your work because I believe in it and admire it.

I have ran across my share of attractions' and despite how attractive they were to me, I would easily tell them to find something else to pursue if what they were currently doing was not working out for them. Even on my social media pages, you can tell what or who I admire because of what I share or post. If I don't admire your work, I could care less how you look because it will not be promoted by me.

Not many know how to balance the line between supporting someone because you admire their gift verses supporting them because you think they look good.

Let's take for example the many women who support actors like Denzel Washington. Do these women run to the theater simply because Denzel's name appears on the screen or do they go because they admire his work as an actor? I am very sure that despite the fact that they find him attractive, they also support his movies because he is an amazing actor. You can be attractive and still find yourself short of support because your work is a bunch of crap!

When it comes down to business and promotion of an individual there must be more support of the talent than there is for the physical appearance of the individual. I can admire you all day and still choose to not support your work endeavors because they do not represent what I find admirable.

No matter where you search in society you will be able to find those who merely support what you do because of how you look. They see face and then they observe for anything else that can be worked with.

Not often do you see businesses marketing unattractive individuals. This is because they want to make themselves look good and they need someone who can not only win the people over with their skills but also with their looks. This goes into the old saying that sex sells.

I would hope as an artist that people supported me more because they like what I do more so than they support me because for my physical traits.

There must be a balance between the two when you are trying to do business or network with anyone.

So even if I tell you that I think the world of you, do not assume I will run behind you like a dog in heat if what you promote is a bunch of hocus pocus. Society needs to get back to supporting the gift of these artists more so than putting them out there because they look good. Looks will fade but an amazing voice or gift will live on forever. You will never forget the way a song made you feel no matter how old the person who sang it gets.

Let's get back to business and not merely the physical side when it comes to talent.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

I Have A Crush on a Celebrity!

So what exactly are the chances of me having the opportunity to have a lunch date or even be friends with a celebrity? The odds are quite infinite! However it has not stopped me from the pursuit of snagging a chance to get close to bringing my dream into the reality world. I mean the rapper YoGotti was able to meet his crush Angela Simmons so I guess I can dream right? Let's not leave out the fact that he was already known in the industry so the chances of an ordinary Jane such as myself, meeting her celebrity crush with no ranks out there leaves you on the odds and ends chances of the stick.

So should I give up on my dream? Not a chance. I guess that is because I am a firm believer in miracles and you just never know what God can do for you when you pray to him for your hearts desires. I'm not hoping to just meet him because I had the chance of doing that recently when I drove to support an event for him. I am honestly hoping for a chance to simply have lunch with him and just enjoy some good conversation and share the experience to others that dreams can come true.

The only fear is that maybe he won't respond to me or take the chance to come and have lunch with me. So who is my celebrity crush that I'm praying to have a lunch date with you might wonder?

Well he is none other than the ever so handsome and talented actor/singer Keith Robinson!

There I said it!

I'm a Pisces so I'm more of a simple laid back type of woman who is very much in tune with music and arts. When I discovered his talented voice on the movie "Dreamgirls", I was amazed. Okay let's go back a little bit further. I was in awe of him when I saw him on one of my favorite cartoon classics turned movie, "Fat Albert". I think I was watching him more than I was watching the movie and mainly because something about him just stood out to me. He just reminded me of that down to earth cool guy from the neighborhood.

I have had the chance to check out a few of his plays and the man is just blessed with his way of making a believer out of you with any role he plays. I had to fight back tears while watching the play, "Redemption of a Dog" during his scene with his mother played by actress Lynn Whitfield.

So just maybe he will happen to read this article and bless me with the chance to have lunch with him. There are so many females out there and males who have crushes on these celebrities and they never get the opportunity to even get a picture with them. Well I was blessed to get a picture with him and even then I think I discovered a new found theory that the heart can possibly stop for a second, because I was so shocked that I don't even recall breathing for a minute or two!

I believe in miracles so while many may laugh and say "Good luck with that happening", I am going to take a step of faith and believe that this year the chances of a lunch date with him are very much possible. We can dream right?
I'm just a simple southern woman from a small town called Mobile in Alabama and now a resident of Birmingham, Alabama with a heart built on believing in the things that many call impossible. I would have never dreamed that I would get a chance to get a picture with him on last year but this year has proven that mixing a little bit of faith and action can make anything happen for you.

So let's see what faith brings my way!

The actor is also celebrating his birthday today so Happy Birthday Keith and let me know if I have a chance to have lunch with you!

Who knows what happens when you believe!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Keith Robinson: "Single Release Party at the M Bar"

 Atlanta, Georgia showed major love and support on Wednesday night at the M Bar located at 186 Auburn Ave NE, for the actor/singer Keith Robinson. Keith has been busy performing all over to promote his upcoming album, "Love Episodic" which is scheduled to release this year. On Wednesday night we all celebrated with him for the latest release of his single, "Love Somebody" which is one of the hit singles on the album.

The M Bar was packed from wall to wall with everyone from the lovely Delta's who were celebrating their Founders Day to locals who joined in on the celebration. Keith even went to the mic' to sing Happy Birthday to the Delta's!

I had the lovely pleasure of being able to get a picture with the amazing vocalist himself as he took time to greet and take photo's with fans through out the room. This event was definitely worth the travel for the night as I ventured from Birmingham, Alabama to show love as not only a fan but a huge supporter of his music. Many have known the actor for years on his many features on hit movies such as, "Dreamgirls", "This Christmas", and "CRU", to name a few along with plays such as "Redemption of a Dog" and many more. Not many knew of his vocal talent and I for one was swept off my feet listening to his music which showcases, what I  like to call "real music". We don't get the chance to hear much music these days on the radio that speaks to your soul and Keith has definitely brought back soulful music!

If by chance you were not able to make it out to the events this week; you still have a chance to support Keith as he celebrates his birthday this weekend at the Gold Room in Atlanta, GA, which will have guest appearances from Christian Keys, Porsha Williams, and Sheree Whitfield. 
Be sure to go visit to download his latest single "Love Somebody", and you can also get it on; iTunes and Google play. You can keep up with the actor/singer on all social sites by following him @keithsings on Instagram, Twitter, and  be sure to follow him on Facebook.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Let's Network!

It is so important to network with other like-minded individuals who share the same goals as you do. When like-minded individuals can come together with similar ideas and business goals, they are able to build something bigger than the initial plan. I see so many talented individuals who share a common ground of interest out in communities struggling to make a name for themselves by working solo. This is okay only if you intend to remain at one level with your work. You must get out there and connect with others who are in the same field of work as you are so that you can learn how to improve as well as grow your brand name. Writers and photographers should definitely stay in close network with each other because they can help grow business for each other. In the music industry as well as other lines of work, you will discover like minded people coming together to brainstorm ideas and host events that become a success because they are working together. You can't make it in the field your are in if you refuse to work with anybody or if you limit yourself on who you choose to work with. 

Take a look around your community or close vicinities and find others who are doing the same work as you and get in touch with them and exchange information so that when you come up with ideas for an event, each of you are able to help each other.

Major corporations started because people got together with their ideas and decided to turn it into something huge. It saddens me to see so many African Americans around my community that refuse to work with each other.
We all want to grow to have big names and receive high attention for our work but working alone only limits your audience. When you work together, you are able to expand your audience.

I see other writers in the same field as I am and they will not take the time to share or support the work of the other writer for fear that maybe that writer will get more exposure than them. Its absolute madness. You have to work as a team. I support your work and you in return support my work if its suitable so that we can grow together.
At the end of the day I always say that what God has for you is for you no matter what.
Nobody will be able to steal your shine if its meant for you to be a success!

We really have to get out of this "crabs in the bucket" mentality of where I don't help you and you don't help me for fear one will possibly be greater than the next. A mind that thinks like this will forever be held back. Its like holding on to a single brown penny all your life rather than everyone coming together with their pennies and building a bank. We have got to break this horrible aspect of thinking.  I recall an amazing experience a couple of years back where I went to a Fashion show event held in Atlanta, Georgia. A close associate of mine was having his work featured in the event. He brought me along and introduced me to others who performed the same work and we all exchanged cards and started connecting. I saw an increase in viewers for my work as well as an increase was made known of their work. We worked to promote one another happily.

Networking will allow you to meet others in your field or close to the line of work that you are aiming to reach. Too often someone may already be connected to another person that is a successor with what you are aiming to be great at. You will never know who knows who and a simple bit of communication can help you grow.

Let's make 2016 a year of growth with our business and growth also within our network list. Increase your contacts and you will see an increase within your brand.


Friday, January 1, 2016

Trending: Male Haircuts for 2016 - Guess What's Back?

Every year there appears to be a new trend jumping across the states as the men make their way to the barbershop to represent the latest hair fashion.
Well for the 2016 year, the men will be taking it back as they showcase those natural curls again!
The latest new fashion with haircuts for 2016 will have the men blowing the minds of women all over as they show off nice fades and natural curls!

All year ladies can expect to be gazing at beautiful natural curls and trendy fade designs.

It's out with the sponge look and on with those natural curls!

I'm sure barbers all over will be creating some really dope designs for this curly style!
One guy stated that his hair was naturally curly so rocking this style comes easy. I'm hoping we won't see too many in the stores looking for curl kits just to keep up, but either way I'm pretty sure men all over will be curly heads for 2016 and looking fly!

All I want to know is who is going to rock it the best?!