Monday, October 24, 2016

Comedian/Actor Brandon Scanavich Set to Make his Stand Up Debut at The World Renowned JSpot Comedy Club!

Brandon Scanavich is soon to become a household name!

He has made appearances on tour with well known comedians in the game such as Michael Blackson, and just recently teamed up with Actor/Comedian Brandon T. Jackson on the #FreshNFunnyTour. He has been a busy man making his way from state to state delivering nothing but pure comedy in the midst of all the madness highlighted daily in the media. Scanavich also took the spotlight back in June by appearing on one of the biggest social media platforms for comics,!

Now he is taking his career to the next level with his Stand-Up Debut at the World Famous, "JSpot Comedy Club", which is owned by the legendary Comedian/Actor J. Anthony Brown!

Scanavich will also be teaming up next month, November 12 in Memphis TN, for an Actor's workshop with Actor Marc John Jeffries who is known for his roles in movies such as 'Losing Isaiah', & "Get Rich or Die Trying.  If you are looking to enhance your acting skills and gain some knowledge on the industry then this is definetly a workshop that you should make plans to be in attendance to.

Keep Up with Comedian Brandon Scanavich on Social Media and make plans to be in attendance at the JSpot Comedy Club!

   Brandon Scanavich

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Chief Of Mobile AL Police Department Catching Heat From Wife's Racist Comment

Has the US not experienced enough this year with racism in the Black Community?

Matter of fact, has the Black Community not experienced enough over the past 50 years with racism?

The City Of Mobile is known for being a major tourist attraction because of its nearby beaches, fresh seafood and for being the original home of Mardi Gras.

Yet the last thing the city wants to be known for is having their Chief carrying out matters of anything related to law enforcement with a wife who feels that "all blacks are violent".
Below is an image containing the comment on Facebook made by Chief Barber's wife, 'Faith Barber' after an individual stated, "All Blacks Are Not Violent" upon which she replied "Since when?".

This just goes to show you how "some" white people low key feel about blacks regardless of how educated or financially grounded you are. This is merely a reflection of the conversations their household speaks on behind closed doors or among their friends. These are the very ones who are your doctors, nurses, lawyers and more. To say all blacks are violent is a very ignorant and uneducated statement.

 We personally don't feel he should continue on as Chief of the Mobile Police Department unless the City of Mobile is happy with having a Chief with a public identity for being racist towards blacks residing over their city's law enforcement department. This can only lead us to believe that many cases are being possibly handled with a lack of concern because they feel all blacks are violent anyway. Mind you a while back he even stated that had Michael Moore, (who was a young black teen killed by a white officer of the Mobile Police Department) not been riding around in a stolen car, he would have not been killed. That along was another uneducated response to say that any person deemed as a possible criminal deserves to be killed.
Let us add that there is currently no updates on that murder case by that officer and no hearing of a trial scheduled any time soon.

According to Fox 10 News, the Chief made an open apology for his wife's comments on the Facebook site and comments previously made by himself. The community however feels that his apology is not even close to being enough and many feel that he should resign from his position.

We do not feel that statements such as this should be overlooked by a minor apology. Her uneducated actions should lead to some form of discipline. It would be difficult to assume that the citizens of the city as well as those "Black Officers" who serve in the blue under him are content with this behavior.
These same "Black Officers" who she carelessly labeled that "all blacks are violent" are the very ones who serve and protect you and your family. So to say they all are violent or "since when" did they not exist as violent is truly idiotic.

If I were in LE (Law Enforcement), I would probably feel a bit indifferent serving under these accusations.

How do you feel about this situation?
Do you feel Chief Barber should resign following this statement by his wife or past statements he has made? Do you feel the City of Mobile deserves another Chief over their Police Department?

                                                           Comment your thoughts below.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Actor/Comedian Brandon T. Jackson Has An OBSESSED STALKER!

Everyone knows the funny man, Brandon T. Jackson for his movie roles and his latest Fresh & Funny Tour that has been quite successful with sell out shows all year. However we received a tip this morning that the actor has been dealing with a crazed fan on Instagram since August of this year, who has been causing problems between him and his current girlfriend, Denise Xavier, claiming that she is married & pregnant by the actor!

The female, has a full page on Instagram claiming that she and the actor are married and expecting a baby!


We all know that celebrities deal with crazy fans everyday but we think she has taken things to the next level, and we call that obsession!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending one of Brandon T. Jackson's shows in Atlanta, Georgia for the Fresh & Funny Tour, and I was shocked to discover that this female had even stolen one of my pictures and posted it on her page as if she were me! Her page also consists of possibly other stolen images from the web of pictures of twin babies that she claims are also the actor's children by her!

I knew I was popular with my writing but to see her use one of my pictures was a huge shock! Who else is she imitating just to cause problems for the actor. Brandon T. Jackson is a very spiritual and down to earth man and sadly this is an issue that we hope he can resolve.

What in the world is wrong with people when it comes to these celebrities?
It appears just from strolling down her page that she has created her own little world evolved around her and the actor. We can only hope that the actor is able to get matters under control before he stars in a real life sequel movie of Obsession!

This is crazy!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Next Level Living: The Growth Process

Life is all about growing and advancing to the next stage of your life.

We are growing daily from the time we enter this world until the latter parts of our life.

As we grow, things within us began to change and we are able to do things differently than we were able to do before.

A baby starts out scooting across the floor, then crawling, then balancing, then finally walking.

Our life should be a symbolization of growth, and nothing should ever be the same with us as it was in the previous year. We should never find ourselves complacent and in a repetitive cycle that is getting us nowhere.

At the end of every year, we began to set goals for how we will improve the next year, we call them our New Years Resolutions. These goals are set to push us to the next level of our life. These goals are reminders of where we want to see ourselves in the year to come. These goals are our visions to becoming better inside and out.

You should always evaluate your life and observe if you are growing mentally as well as spiritually. Nothing about you should remain the same if it is not beneficial to your growth.

I observe many who are in the same place of their life year after year after year. They have sadly grown content with being in a negative cycle that has become a hindrance to their growth.

As we age, I would like to believe that we should also age mentally.

We shouldn't be doing the same things we did as a teenager when we are in the stages of an adult. We shouldn't hold the same conversations or distribute the same behaviors as we did as a child.

When others see us, they should not be able to say, "You haven't changed at all", instead they should be able to say, "There is something different about you!".

Ever met a person and every time you see them, they are up to the same old habits, living in the same situation, doing the same stuff that has not profited them each year?

Its honestly quite depressing to look at and you wish there was a way to show them that there was so much more to life than the current situation they choose to remain in.

At the age of 13 I made a decision to be better than my surroundings. Year after year I would push to be better than the year before. As I got older, I was experimenting with new work fields, going to trade school and learning different skills, or just moving around and living in different cities to expand my knowledge on life.

I tend to laugh when my peers state that I'm always living somewhere different or on the go.

This is because my mindset is never the same and I am never in the same place for too long. I do not grow content in areas that are holding me back and not allowing me to go to the next level of my life spiritually or physically.

You have to seek advancement and desire to be better!

How have you changed this year? What is new about you this year? Are you still doing the same things you were last year and the year before?

You must look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself simple questions like this. These questions allow you to see if you are growing in the right direction. You can age but you can also age in the wrong direction. A tree planted on bad soil or in a bad location can grow crooked or leaning to the side. Your desire is to grow upright without limitations to your growth.

If you discover that nothing about you has changed or matured then you need to take the steps now to fix those things in your life so that you may receive all that life has to offer you behind the next door of your life.

Let me add that you should also be wise about the company you keep when seeking to advance to the next level.

As you grow, avoid hanging around those who are not trying to improve in their life as you are. We all tend to get caught up in hanging around childhood friends but if those friends are not pushing you to become a better you then they are not your friends. You should never involve yourself with those who desire to see you on the same level every year and encourage foolish behavior and thinking.

Are you happy where you are today?

If not then now is the time to make changes. You don't have to wait until the new year to make changes in your life. Scripture tells us to take no thought for tomorrow so therefore tomorrow is not a guaranteed fact but today is because you are alive and living.

Now is the time for growth and change.

Take that step in the right direction and break the cycle. No more living in a circle and being known to others as always being the same person every year, in the same situation.

Its time to grow!