Monday, March 21, 2016

Breaking Free of Soul-Ties!

Ever found yourself still experiencing pain from a past relationship or lover?
Does the very thought of that person still bring up bad images and thoughts in your head that make you feel as if you are reliving the hurt all over again?
This is only possible when you and the person are still tied to each other spiritually. We often think that when we break things off with a person and state that we are done with them that it is as we say. Yet there are some who have had such an impact on you spiritually that it still haunts your mind. Now when I say spiritually, I am speaking about your inner man, your soul.

Breaking free of someone who has deeply impacted you can take years if you do not rid yourself completely of them. This means not only ridding yourself of the pictures, clothing, or however else you try to forget a person. You must break all connections with that person off. There is no reason for you to still be out having lunch with them, holding conversations over the phone with them or even friends with them on any social sites.

Many believe that remaining friends with a person who has hurt them will prove to the individual that you are over them and beyond the hurt. In actuality all it does is prove to the individual that you are still connected to them and that you sadly will never fully let them out of your life. It proves that they still have control over your mind and heart.

If you ever expect to have anything good enter your life, you must first let go of all the bad. If you do not break off all connections with that person then you could say the situation looks like spoiled milk being constantly filled back up with new milk. The situation will never improve but only contaminate the next good thing that comes your way.

We pray often for God to send us someone who loves us and will take care of our heart but yet we are refusing to break off all ties with those who have hurt us. You do not need to remain friends with people who have treated your love in vain and tossed you to the side as if you were crap!

I have yet to understand how people say they have forgave a person who have hurt them yet feel the need after forgiving to go and hang out with them. This is the most backwards thing you could do to yourself.
It looks just as wild as the female who constantly screams she is being physically abused by a man but every day she returns to him. Despite the bruises on her face.

Men and women you must break ties with those people if you expect any good to enter. Remember you cant keep pouring fresh milk into a spoiled milk jug. When you try to stay friends with people like that, you will inwardly began to smell bad and ward off anyone who attempts to  be in your life.

So today take the step to break free of them. Forgive but completely let them go. Open that door and allow them to exit your soul and life for good. Say to yourself today I am breaking myself free completely of any soul ties to whomever it is that you have discovered still has a connection in your life. By doing this you will experience an amazing feeling deep within and freely be able to receive the true love that awaits you. Remember that today we are dumping out that spoiled milk and starting fresh!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Keith Robinson performs at Steel Lounge in Birmingham, Alabama!

Steel Lounge is an amazing venue located off of 1st Avenue North in the downtown region of Birmingham, Alabama. Upon arrival to this spot, you are greeted at the door by the amazing sounds of that old school music that leaves you reminiscing on the days of old.

The crowd swayed left to right to the music flowing from the microphone with local singer, Sharon Collins performing some of the greatest hits of Jill Scott. Although excited about the music, the crowd patiently awaited the performance of actor/singer Keith Robinson to hit the stage.
Keith Robinson has been traveling all over promoting his soon released album entitled "Love Episodic". The album features hit singles such as, "Just Kissed", "Same Rules" & "Love Somebody" to name a few. Robinson has proved to many that he is so much more than just an actor. The actor although starring in many great movies such as, "Get On Up", the James Brown Biopic, "Dream Girls", "This Christmas", "CRU", and more has proven to many that he can also sing. Keith Robinson captured the attention of the crowd as many song and rocked back and forth to his music. I had one guy pull my jacket and say, "Hey, I didn't know he could sing like that". Not many know but as he continues to shut down the stage at different venues, many are coming to join in on the fan base for his music.

Keith really stole the crowd as the city of Birmingham gathered around the stage to support him. I had the pleasure of getting a few pictures in with the actor/artist himself before and after his performance. I must add that hearing him in person is the most amazing experience. You can listen to his music all day but when he is performing live, the vibe is definitely felt through the soul. I feel what shocks so many is the fact that he can really sing and doesn't need music to show off just how skilled he is. In the words of the late great Sam Cooke, "It's been a long time coming but I know a change is going to come". Robinson is definitely changing the views of many with his music and I can't help but wish the actor/singer a great journey with his music career.

You can keep up with Keith Robinson by following him on Facebook where he is very active on his page with fans. You can also follow Keith on Instagram & Twitter by searching @Keithsings. Be sure to also subscribe to his website  and stay alerted
with any new events that he will be apart of.


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