Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gossipers: Guess What I Heard?!

So we all know someone who sits up and talks about others all the time. Its like their daily coffee. They have to know or dig for information on what is going on in another individuals life. The thing is that I find people like that to be miserable and to have no life of their own. To sit up and throw shade on the next person just means their life is more important than your own so you need to find a way to make yourself feel good by creating drama.  I have always been one to stay in my own lane. Kudos to anyone who is doing better than me because Im trying to get there so I have no reason to gossip about your productivity.

Life would be much easier if we spent more time congratulating rather than hating.

Dont be a trash can for anyone to come dump garbage off into your ear. You have to stand up and say, "If you have something negative to say then, keep it moving".

People who feel comfortable discussing others to you, are only comfortable because you allow them to be so therefore you are their destination too unload junk to.

Its never a good image to be the one known for exploiting someones personal life. Most of the time, the information spread may not even be entirely true. Yet people run off of half a story that has been twisted because clearly nobody wants the dry truth so they have to juice it up.

Lisa quit her job because she didnt have a baby sitter.

But by the time it gets around.

Did you hear Lisa got fired because she keeps missing work for her baby?

weeks later....

You know some guy at work gave Lisa a baby so now she dont work here no more.

Thats how gossip translates the facts.
I always say that if you truly want to know something, simply go to the source.

Dont assume anything, do not go off of hearsay. Just ask the person.

Gossip is usually some GAL..someone who needs to Get A Life (GAL).