Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why are You Still Giving up the Goods & Expecting a Husband????!!!

I really enjoyed this video because it expresses some of the same facts that I try to get out to women these days. So many women are caught up in thinking that their body will help them get a man or even keep a man for that matter. So many young women are out giving up their goods each day and they think that because of how good they perform for the man in bed will make him marry them or stay with them. The funny & sad thing about that is...there is always someone who can do it better than you so what in the world makes you think that will help you keep a man???!!!

The older you get, the wiser you should become and it's time to stop doing things as you would have done as a child. Stop thinking that your precious body needs to be offered as a sacrifice in exchange to get a man to love you. The only exchange you get is a piece of stiff meat from him and he may hang around until he gets tired of you being easy then he will go around and find a woman who is not to easy.

I agree so much with what TonyaTKO is expressing in this video greatly! You ladies got to take better care of your bodies and save all that extra performing for your husband.  A man who really loves you & is interested in you will be more interested in getting to know you rather than getting to know your body & how well you can satisfy him in the bedroom.

Give these men something to desire and work for.
Men love a challenge and I'm not saying take him on a marathon around the world...but hold off on the sex! Sex and Love come off different for some men and just because your home girl "NU-NU" told you that is how she got a wedding ring does not mean those same tricks will work for you because every man is different. Then the ones like your home-girl Nu-Nu end up divorced after a year because they married for the wrong reasons and guess what...he found someone really worth being with and she does it better mentally for him & physically.

I know you are so ready to have someone special in your life but hold off & wait on God to send your husband your way, so that when your husband comes you way, he will have something fresh that has not been tossed around & bent all out of shape. You will have a fresh performance for him and you wont be all bent out of shape with a bad back from getting into all those positions over the years for these men who never wanted to be with you.

Watch this video & take notes! Make a change to the way you do things ladies so that you will have something to present to your husband! My pops always said..."Ain't no Honey moon is he already has gotten the honey out the moon".

Get it together ladies...set some standards for are so much more than your body!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Corrupted Morality

A Corrupted Morality

I awakened today and began to look around me and I saw something quite disturbing. It appeared others noticed it as well but no one was brave enough to speak out about what they had seen. We have come a long way from working the fields and picking cotton but if you look around you, one could easily see that things have simply boomeranged back around to what we fought so hard to escape. We are now bound in our minds. The chains that we once wore about our ankles, necks, and wrist, are now wrapped tightly around our mind. We are afraid to speak out against the things that are not right and like a slave we sit in silence watching the world we wish to enjoy shatter about us. Today the world is rapidly moving and children are now wiser than they were before. They are more into technology than playing outside so this means everything we do and place on the radios & television screen is being viewed attentively.

I look at how back in the days of the Civil Rights Movement; we fought heavily to change the laws of the land so that black people could be treated fair. We fought to be able to eat, drink, and use the bathroom, in the same places that whites were allowed to go. They had many movements that took place even the fight for the rights of women to be treated equally by allowing them to work just as men in any profession of their choice.  Today our children, to include even ourselves are not tuned in watching us fight for anything positive, rather they watch us fight one another, and watch some fight for the rights of sexual preference. You see people fighting for gay rights, which to me is nothing to fight about because if you choose to be a homosexual, then it’s your business and none of the public’s concern. What saddens me is that the men and women today are rapidly switching roles and the ideal family picture that was predestined to contain a man, woman, and children, now is blurry. These poor children see people daily broadcasting bad behavior, so it is believed to them that this is the right way to be. We see more youth claiming they are gay when they fail to even know what the term gay actually means. The term itself represents happiness, so how happiness and sleeping with the same sex came together…I am still trying to figure out the happiness in that. There are a lot of things that are considered sinful and we know that homosexuality is sinful, we all at some point have read the scriptures from Leviticus 18:22 and so therefore it is no secret that it is a sin. My issue however is that we are condoning sinful activity and praising it as if it is something that deserves to be in the spotlight. No one takes pride in watching a drunk. No one takes pride in watching a mother do drugs in front of her kids. No one takes pride in watching a man beat a woman. No one takes pride in watching an elderly person get attacked. 

Why do we take pride in homosexual activity? Or Corrupt behavior period? There is no difference in the viewing of it for me. I watched a video that has been going around the social media called “Throw that Boy P***” and I will not show it in this blog simply because it deserves no high lights. This was disturbing because I began to wonder about the male race and where they were headed. Women each day take pride in having male friends who are homosexual and as a friend of mine mentioned to me today…”Girl that could have been your man”. It is bad enough that the female population outweighs the male population and that makes it difficult for women to possibly obtain that husband she desires because many of them are locked away in prisons or they have become homosexual. Now the male image of what is known to be a man is shattered because these young boys have no real image of a man. They sit back and see foolishness and so they think this must be the way to becoming a man. I must be a man if I sleep with other men or with men who resemble women. The young girl says, I must be a woman if I dress provocative and occasionally sleep with women because at the end of the day…I’m simply expressing myself and being free to do whatever I want to do.

People continue to broadcast the bad rather than promote the good in society. Women have no respect for themselves and they are calling themselves mothers while projecting to their daughters that sleeping around with multiple men is okay and they spend more time on the phone or social media sites than they do paying attention to their children.

 They show them that fighting over men and running around being loud and unseemly is okay. These children watch videos where women are showcasing their bodies more than they are showcasing how intelligent they are. No one is fighting against it, instead we have lost the desire to fight and we just sit back in silence and mumble among each other about how bad the future will be for our young children rather than taking a stand to change it for them. We fail to realize that we have to get old one day and will have to deal with these children who will then be adults running around being violent and disrespectful towards us. We have to deal with the thinning out of Godly marriages and watch as we see women marrying women and men marrying men just as things were in the days of Sodom & Gomorrah. People don't even want to get married no more, they rather be "cut friends'. Yet we support it, so it goes forth and blossoms. 

We sit back and watch these YouTube videos and then share them with our friends and laugh at them without saying to ourselves, this will not get spread across the media for my child or someone else’s child to see. There should be no fight for sinful behavior. If I am a bank robber, do I earn the right to fight to be able to rob banks?! Oh now I am mad because people are against bank robbers so now I am going to start a march against it and say that people do not like me and should accept me for who I am because I am a bank robber! Really???!! Get out of here with that. How you live is your choice to live, nobody has to accept your behavior. God loves us but he does not approve of our sinful ways, so why do we feel the need to approve of those ways.

These children are watching us and nobody seems to care about what they see. We say that we are not persuading them and yet we are because they watch some of you participate in this activity right in front of them. They watch men dress up like women and switch their hips around like women and so they think it is okay. They watch women dress like men and act like men and hit ladies on the butt as a man would and so the young girls think this is okay. They watch mom come in the house with a different man every day of the week and so they think it is okay. They see dad sit around the house and smoke weed all day and hustle on the streets, sag his pants and pop pills so they think its okay. When will we stop saying its okay? When will we stop shrugging our shoulders and closing our eyes to it? When will we stop laughing about it and start doing something about it?

Now this may start some heat because I know a lot of men and women who are homosexual and bisexual and maybe they feel some type of way reading this but you are entitled to your beliefs just as I am entitled to mine. I will never bash you for how you choose to live because I always say, “It’s your life”. Just because you choose to live that way, does not make it the right way to live. I will always give you the truth and honestly many of them know the truth but they have a choice to live how they wish to live. Just be mindful of the children who are watching and at least give them a chance to choose on their own. What you choose to do in your bedroom is your own business…leave it there…it does not have to publicized.  This goes for heterosexuals as well, because you broadcast a lot of bad behavior as well and it makes you look no different.
I wonder what the future holds for our sons and daughters because they have very few good role models to follow. This is not just about homosexuals; this is about people as a whole. There are just as many bad heterosexuals out there as well who lead sloppy lives and have no moral values.
We are still mentally enslaved and just as Willie Lynch wrote that we would be able to be controlled for 300 years…it is still in effect. We are a confused generation. We are a race of people who are slowly dying out unless we fight for change. As I mentioned this is not entirely about the gay community, this is about the community we live in as a whole. I know a lot of amazing people who are in the gay community and will go to world’s end to make sure I am okay, so let’s not get things twisted. Do I agree with their behavior? No, but I do not slander them for what they choose to do, just as they do not slander me for what I choose to do. I will not broadcast what they do nor feed into what they do. I simply live my life and let them live theirs. I see people participate in folly all day and I simply give my thoughts when I am asked and it’s no disrespect to anyone. I will not treat them different, will not fail to speak when I am spoken to…they are human; they are still God’s creations. We all are, no matter how we live this thing called life.

I simply want us to be respectful of the little ones who are watching us. No it is not okay for them to portray bad behavior or participate in ungodly acts. It is nothing wrong with teaching your child that this behavior is wrong. It is nothing wrong with teaching young men to appreciate a woman and not call her a female dog, as well as teach him that she has more to offer than just her body and looks to him. It is nothing wrong with teaching that young girl to dress modest and not reveal all of herself to a man’s eyes, as well as teaching her to not go around calling herself a female dog with others. It is nothing wrong setting an example. If you are homosexual, then why not teach that child that what I am doing is not condoned in the bible nor right in the eyes of God but this is how I choose to live and I want you to not follow me but however follow what you feel is right to do.

It’s tight but its right! No matter how you feel about it or look at it, the truth is the truth. Our parents gave us a chance and we have to give these children a chance to grow up and be somebody. We have to stop with the willingness to so easily pull the trigger and go back to the old ways of handling an issue by using your fists. Men have to stop going around making babies and then abandoning the home only to go make more babies. Women have to stop lying down and making babies for multiple guys rather than waiting to obtain a wedding ring and showing your daughter the proper way of the household. We corrupt their little minds and then we sit back and point at them when we see them in the news for killing, assaulting, or harassing someone. We really should turn the finger around to ourselves and say what am I doing to set an example for them. Just because I choose to live reckless does not mean they should.

These children know nothing about real love…they no longer hear it on the radios nor see it on the television’s, and nor do they witness it in our households. Simply because people promote corruption. We care more about ratings than we do about educating. Just like the new show with Gabrielle Union called "Being Mary Jane" which teaches young women what? To be happy as the side line female who goes around sleeping with men and despite how successful her career life is, she rather lower her standards and participate in activity that makes her accept less than what she deserves for herself as a successful black woman.  This show received over 3.3 million viewers and is topped at number 1 on the chart according to cable ratings.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for a different future that consists of more support of positive and less negativity. What happened to shows like the Cosby Show, A Different World, Family Matters, and Full House??!! 

At the end of this reading, many will feel a mixture of emotions. Keep in mind that no matter how you feel, it will not change what is right. You can come up with a host of stories to try to make what you do right or even point fingers at others to make yourself feel good. We all like to point fingers to back up our wrong…but guess what?…Mom still whipped that behind and it made you change the way you were acting.  So look at it like this, I’m simply trying to help us all as a whole to change the way we have been acting in front of these children.

Give them a chance. Their eyes are watching you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

5 Reasons He's Worth Marrying

 5 Reasons He’s Worth Marrying

So here you are wondering if the special man in your life is worth spending your entire life with.You may have told all your friends and family members that this guy is truly everything you have been waiting for and looking for in a man. Yet on the inside there is still that feeling that you need a bit more hope to accept that marriage idea he keeps bringing up to you. Here are some ways to help you identify if he is truly worth marrying.
Now notice it’s different for everyone because others may not need all these signs to tell them the guy is worth marrying because every woman has a different set of standards. However if you believe the mold fits you right then these great tips may be just what you needed to hear to give to go forward with the man of your dreams!

.    1.You share a mutual connection of thoughts and Ideas…Nothing is like being around a person that you can connect with on all levels. It is so very important to be able to communicate with the person you are planning to commit to for the rest of your life. Now I’m not saying you will not have days that you do not agree, but those disagreements will be minor compared to every day discussions. You want someone that you can discuss business with, someone who you can bring up ideas to and they understand and are willing to support those ideas as strongly as if they were their own ideas. Today many people marry for the wrong reasons and find themselves in long term relationships with people they have to debate with every time they mention how they feel. Be mindful that you also don’t want someone who agrees with everything you say because that can be signs they simply are not interested in what you are saying and just really want to make you happy regardless of how obscure the ideas you present sound. You will know that you both have a mutual connection because you may find yourselves laughing and saying, “Wow, we have so much in common”.

  2.    He is Truthful….Being around a man who tells you the truth regardless of how it may make you feel says a lot. Nobody wants to be around a lying man because when a man can’t be honest with you about small things then you know that when bigger issues arise, he will lie to you about those also. Honesty goes a long way and some women will claim they don’t want a man to tell them everything and that he should lie to them sometimes about small things like, (weight, fitting of clothing, hair, etc). I disagree with that because this only opens the door for him to feel it is okay to lie about other things because all he heard was you say, “It is okay to lie to me sometimes”. Honesty in a man is a plus, you may not like what he has to say but if he is keeping it real with you, take that into consideration because many men are out sweeping women off their feet with lies.

  3.   He Loves God… Allow me to break that down for you a bit more. He not only loves God but has a relationship with God. A man who prays and honors God’s words will honor you. Now some people will disagree and say that its some snakes in the church, and that may be true but remember I said he “honors” God’s words. A man who is just attending church and never communicates with God may be someone to watch out for. When considering marriage, a man in the bible is labeled the head and God is his head, so then you can follow your head as long as it is being lead by God. (I Cor. 11:3).  A man who seeks after the heart of God will do the things that are pleasing to God which includes loving you as he loves his own flesh. He will not seek to hurt you nor torment you, but find every way to love you as God loves us. He is that forgiving man who does not hold grudges when you make an error, he is that man that wants to pray about the things you both can’t come to an agreement on. He is that man that is okay waiting for you which includes holding off on sex until you say I do.

   4.    He makes you Laugh…Being in the presence of a man who knows how to put a smile on your face even when you are mad at him is truly a gift. Life is so much greater than the little things that we face each day so when you find a man who shows you the bright side of everything, then he is worth holding on to. No one likes a negative person who makes you feel miserable and drains you of your joy because they are always complaining about life. I believe we all began to laugh when we saw the actor; Lance Gross removes his shirt in Tyler Perry’s movie Temptation and began to play that guitar! Who could stay mad after seeing that? No one! So spend life with a man who is not just silly all the time, but he knows when to laugh and when to be serious. I’m not saying go marry Mr. Silly who never takes anything serious unless that’s your cup of tea.  Remember you are planning to spend the rest of your life with this guy, so you need some laughs along the way to get you through those rocky road days that do tend to come in marriage.

  5.    You are not a secret in his Life…. A man who loves you wants the world to know that he loves you and he will make your presence known to everyone that he encounters. He will take you home to meet his mother, his grandmother, his dad or whoever he feels is a key of importance in his life. Most females confuse meeting the guys friends as a sign that he is making your presence known, that is not always a sign. Meeting a guys friends means nothing because you may not be the only female he has brought to meet his friends that week. They will not be to quick to even tell you either, instead they will smile and greet you as they did the last female on yesterday. These days, most women seek to be made known on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram by the guy who claims to love them. This is a plus for today’s generation because he is showing he doesn't mind the world knowing you both are in love. However be careful with that also because some guys just do that for show every week they post a different girl. Stick to the old school way of going home and having dinner with his parents. A man who wants to spend his life with you, will bring you into his life which includes being around his family and at family events. If he never invites you to his home, to meet his parents, or to any family events then that may be a sign to watch out for.

Making sure he is the right one also means praying and asking God if this guy is the one to marry because often times, you may meet a guy with all these great qualities listed but he may not be for you, he could be for someone else. I hope that these great tips helped take care of that little doubt you had in your mind and eased your stomach a bit so you can relax. If he adds up to these tips then why are you making that man wait when he clearly wants to give you his last name!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Exclusive Red Carpet Event 2014 in Atlanta, GA

There was no greater place to be this weekend than at the Exclusive Red Carpet Event 2014 in Atlanta, GA this past Saturday. The event took off at the Doubletree Hotel and featured clothing designers such as Vanessa Henderson, founder of House of Van Miller
 & another amazing clothing designer, Kyrenn Prince Westry, founder of Chy'Ann Clothing and Chy'Ann Magazine 

I was simply blown away by the amazing designs that were featured during this event and the designers assured me that this was only a taste of what they had to offer.This was my first fashion event and I must say that it was truly an awesome experience. This event was an excellent opportunity for those looking to gain exposure through networking in the fashion and entertainment industry. I also had an opportunity to meet Amanda Cooper of Talking Out Loud, which is an online talk-show radio, she had an awesome personality!

The event was amazing and the models truly came out & ripped the runway with fabulous clothing and phenomenal make-up, having me want to be a model for one night only so I to could gracefully glide down the run-way as they did so naturally. I had the chance to go behind the scenes of the event and meet a few of the models such as Shana Green

& Keri Steward

Can we say it again? Amazing Show!

The host of the event Daniel "Haitian Sensation Boxer" Edouard
kept the crowd full of laughter as we enjoyed the showcase and performances. The night went to the next level though as we were blown away by the amazing vocals of Aseelah who has performed as a back ground singer for artists such as Fantasia, Beyonce & 
P-Diddy! I was in awe as she performed "Morning", and was the first to go grab a copy of her mix-tape after the performance, by the way which was kept on repeat the entire night after the show.

You can be sure to keep up with these designers & their amazing work by liking them on Facebook!

Vanessa Henderson

Kyrenn Prince Westry
Chy'Ann Clothing & Chy'Ann Magazine

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Monday, March 3, 2014

30 Random Facts About Me!

1. I don't like spicy food.

2. I never keep up with the trend because I create my own style.

3. I can't stand a liar...tell me the truth the first time, so I don't find out later.

4. I prefer natural hair colors. Its rare I wear anything beyond that.

5. I love to cook & experiment with new foods.

6. I sleep on my stomach...its comfy.

7. I give so much advice that I should have a degree as a therapist.

8. I love hard & it shows when I care about someone.

9. I love a challenge

10. Never debate with me...if I'm'll never win.

11. Getting a new book is like getting a new pair of shoes for me! #Nerd

12. I love to talk about as much as I love to write.

13. I have to get to know you before I open up to you.

14. I'm a comedian when I get in my silly modes!

15. I love to travel

16. I love God & I minister often to others.

17. My favorite color is Blue

18. I can get down & play rough with the guys in sports! #Tomboy

19. Insecurities turn me off, especially when I'm not giving you reason to feel that way.

20. I absolutely love Horror Movies!

21. I eat junk & food all day & never gain much weight.

22. I'm lactose intolerant but I still eat dairy products lol.

23. I can be anti-social sometimes when I want some peace to myself.

24. I hate to fight because my anger gets out of control & it's hard to calm me down.

25. I'm so laidback that most people confuse that as being sneaky.

26. I'm impatient when it comes to driving...despise slow drivers!

27.  I'm a doing the sweetest & most unexpected things.

28. I'm an artist...many people do not know I draw.

29. I have cold feet, so I always sleep in socks.

30. I will confront you if I have a problem with you in the open or however you come at me.