Saturday, December 19, 2015


Do you remember writing that Christmas list?

I would grab a piece of paper and try to catch every name of a toy I thought I wanted on television to send to good Ole Saint Nick. It was so magical sitting there writing down all those items you wanted and patiently counting down the days to Christmas to see if Santa had given you everything you wished for.

Remember going to sleep on Christmas Eve? I would be so anxious and excited that I could hardly go to sleep. Then I would squeeze my eyes tight and try to make myself hurry off to dreamland so Santa wouldn't put pepper in my eyes for being awake when he came.

So now I'm 31 years old.
Christmas is almost here.
So what exactly do I want for Christmas?

Well the only things on my list are:

#1. The opportunity to work in my career with my writing by helping someone who is already successful in the industry.

#2. To meet my favorite childhood stars! Gain an interview with them for my blog & take pictures.

The year is closing out and if these two or at least one of these things could be made possible then I would regain that old holiday feeling of joy that I used to get as a child right before Christmas. My Christmas would be simply magical.

So what are the chances of me getting these gifts for Christmas?

Who knows. Anything is possible around the holidays. 😉

Friday, December 18, 2015

"A Day with J"

 Ever imagined spending the day with someone special?

So maybe it's a crush that you have been spending days at work or off days at the spa wondering what it would be like to enjoy a day with them. What is it about a crush? It sends the most amazing chills through your body as you sit back and imagine the fun you would have with that special person. You imagine the conversations you both would exchange and just how much you and your crush would have in common. Its not easy finding someone you like who gives you great vibes and makes you want to take a chance on falling in love again. You find yourself sitting back from afar and gazing at them in hope that maybe fate would lead you both to each other if its meant to be.

So imagine my day with J.  We met up for a meeting that he was all to familiar with in the line of work that he performed quite often. I walked down the side walk nervous while adjusting my dress to make sure that it didn't rise to high up my thighs. I paused a few minutes to look in the tinted window of a parked vehicle to make sure that my hair was in place and my make up was on point. I slowly rubbed my lips together to make sure that my lips had not become dry from the cool air blowing around me. I'm sure he was going to be everything that I had imagined him to be but still the mystery of his personality and an up close with him left me nervous. So here I was standing in front of this amazing restaurant and afraid to walk in. People walked by me staring and adjusting their coats to the cool breeze while I stood there hoping I looked professional and not extremely sexy for this meeting. I didn't want him to think that I was just like any other beautiful female that he had encountered. I wanted him to understand that outside of this dress and heels, I was simply a regular Jane. I was nerdy and a bookworm with a hint of class. I looked down at my phone  to check the time and headed inside because the last thing I needed was for him to think I had set him up. This meeting meant everything in the world to me. How many woman get to meet with their crush all while handling a very important business ordeal for her career. I searched the room and there he was seated in the far corner of the restaurant in what appeared to be a private area. I smiled and stood up straight as I headed his direction. The closer I got to him, the more nervous I felt and the more butterflies I could feel inside my stomach. I walked up to the table and stared at him and went on to introduce myself. He smiled and stood up to shake my hand. I thought to myself, how professional he was when on the inside of me I was on fire for a hug.  I could smell his cologne serenading the small space around us. He had the most amazing smile and he looked even better in person. I stared down at his lips and back up to his eyes, wondering what it would be like to kiss him. Keep it professional I reminded myself as I took out my notepad and began asking him a few questions. He was so calm and he made me feel so comfortable and we laughed and talked about the things I was asking him. I couldn't help but wonder would a guy of his stature even consider a young female like me who wasn't in the spotlight. I smiled and laughed and kept thinking about the possibilities. We finished the meeting and I could tell that we had a lot in common personality wise. I thought about the fact that I was still single and he was to. I thought about another day out with him outside of business to just take a walk through the park and laugh at some corny jokes that I was sure we both would present. I tried my best to not stare him straight in the eyes, afraid he would see the desires in my heart. I stood up and he began walking me out the door. He asked where I was parked and offered to walk me to my car. As the cool air surrounded me I shivered and he extended his arm while asking me if I was okay. I smiled and through a jittery voice from the cold, agreed that all was well. I stared at his chocolate brown complexion and smiled. I would quickly glance away as soon as he looked my way. I had no idea what was going on but on the inside I knew that I didn't want this day to end and I wanted to spend more days getting to know him. If only he would consider giving me a chance. I wasn't some super model with enhanced boobs and a large bottom. I was all natural and just me. I was the girl who loved going to historical places and watching movies and enjoying great food. I was the girl who could occasionally be tomboyish by playing a game of basketball and watching college football. I was simple and I wondered if that was something he could admire.

We stood in front of my car and we exchanged smiles. We stood there staring for a while. I had so many other things I wanted to tell him but fear made me think that I probably was to simple for him. Keep it professional I reminded myself. We stood there in the cold and everything within me was on fire. I leaped in the air!

Crap! I had spilled coffee all over my lap while sitting at the desk day dreaming about a day with J.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

"What Do Women Really Think During Sex?"

 Every man wants to know what a woman is truly thinking. Do you remember the movie years ago back in 2000 starring Mel Gibson called "What Women Want"? Suddenly after an accident he is able to hear what women are thinking and this enables him to gain a sense of sensitivity towards women.

Well there will be no sensitivity in this article.

I really want the men to hear some of the crazy thoughts that we as women tend to encounter in the bedroom during that "magical" moment for men. I recently asked a few women to share their thoughts on this topic and was practically a bit surprised by the statements read. One reader explained that during bad sex she tends to think about shopping and what she wants to eat! Another chimed in by saying that, "If it's not good, I'm just wishing it was over".

I'm sure men all over love to have their ego stroked in the bedroom. The very idea of "putting it down" is his aim. The knowledge that he is satisfying her is a boost to his meter. Many women are fearful though of killing the man's pride by telling him that his performance is just plain old boring. Do you remember the scene from the movie, Color Purple where Celie is just laying there in the bed staring off while "Albert" is just priming away?  Many women have mentioned that they can relate to just simply laying there and hoping for him to get up. Sadly some of these women are married.

Women have also stated that they hate when men say outrageous repetitious comments during sex like, "Who's your Daddy", or "Is it Mine"? I could add even hearing a guy once say, "I just want you to love me"! Men please be mindful of what you are saying because the ladies feel its a huge turn off if the sex is bad. Another female stated that "If the sex is good, then I'm not even thinking at all".

We as women think about a lot during that intimate session. Many of us even drift off to wondering if we could see ourselves dealing with the guy in the bedroom for the rest of our life. Many stated that even though they  may really love the guy, it is terrible to think of a lifetime with bad sex.

Should sex be the only thing keeping a woman from saying, "I Do"?
For some women it is.

I heard a guy say its not about the size of the boat but its all about the motion in the ocean.
Well a lot of women believe the performance and size counts a great deal. Do the mini versions of anything ever sale on the menu? Not really.

Women also added that they hated a man that was quick. In other words he is done before it has even gotten started. I can add that we as women require a little bit more affection and a bit of foreplay before we are ready for the next level. So while you, "the male" are excited and ready, we are still getting to our level of high. It's levels to receiving an orgasm which is why many women are faking it in the bedroom because the man is still at the level of foreplay for her. He thinks that she is ready when really she is just getting started. Now he has released and she is laying there thinking, "Should I fake it so he feels good about himself" or "Should I tell him that I am no where near satisfied".

Many women have mastered the art of faking. Many married women could teach a class on how to fake because some have been doing it for over 30 years.
Nothing can hurt a man's ego worse than telling him he is bad in the bedroom.

So what can men do to resolve these issues?

It's simple. Talk to your woman and find out what works for her in the bedroom. Be sure that the positions you find comforting are really positions that satisfy her. Every woman has a favorite position. So ask her what it is. It may not be about the size to you or her but even the smallest car can provide a great performance on the road if you get my drift.

Nothing is worse than a man getting a woman all worked up in the bedroom and being a disappointment or waste of time simply because nobody ever told him that he needed some lessons on how to satisfy a woman. Sex should be pleasurable and a stress reliever. Sex should not leave you more stressed than when you started because you are aggravated about your man's performance. Ladies be helpful  by showing him what you like. Some men just seriously don't know what to do. Some men just get up there and hump away with no idea of exactly how things should go. Your man may honestly want to please you but he simply just doesn't know how because the only idea of sex he has is the porno's he has watched. 

Also men you need to know that what worked for one woman will not work for the next.

Ladies don't just sit back and complain to your friends about your man. Take a step of love by talking to him in kind words about how you both can work to improve that moment of love. Use kind words, we don't want you destroying him for life!

I want you to have a healthier level of intimacy. So communicate more men with your female companion to be sure that she is satisfied just as much as you are.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Childhood Stars We Loved: Brandon Q. Adams

Who doesn't remember Brandon Adams? He has been off the scenes for a while but we remember him from some of my favorite movies like Mighty Ducks, The People under the Stairways, Sandlot and more. He has also made multiple guest appearances on television series to include, Moesha, Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and many others. I truly have been waiting along with others who followed him through out his childhood and teen years, for him to make a comeback in the movie industry. Adams has been acting since he was four years old. After the 2001 film, “MacArthur Park,” Adams slowed down on his acting roles and disappeared.
“I just wanted some time off,” Adams explained. “I spent most of my young life in the business and missed out on school events. I needed to be a young person and do what I wanted to do.” While the acting roles slowed down and he continued with other non-acting goals, fans never heard about him on the news falling into trouble like many other child actors, regardless of growing up in the city of Los Angeles where gangs are every where. Unfortunately while he was one of the blessed ones, his best friend Merlin Santana (most popularly known as Stanley, Rudy’s boyfriend, on “The Cosby Show” and Romeo on “The Steve Harvey Show”) was murdered on November 9, 2002, after a false accusation of rape, according to JET magazine.

 “It was devastating,” Adams said, “It took me a long time to recover from that. Merlin was my best friend, and the murder was a senseless thing.”

After the death of his best friend Merlin Santana, I believe Adams really disappeared away from the big screen and we honestly can't help but respect how much of an impact that had on him. We also have to consider the fact that he had been on television for years. Brandon was every little girl's television boyfriend. We adored his cute smile and his way with words. Adams who is now, 36 years old has been laying low and just maybe we can expect to get a little bit of shine from him one day soon.

Childhood Stars We Loved: Jason Weaver


Every female around her 30s right now could attest to the after school rush to get home just so we could turn on the television and catch our favorite television shows. We all had many reasons for why that show may have been our favorite, whether you learned something from it or you were glued to your childhood television crush.

One of my favorite actors is none other than Jason Weaver. He is a great  actor that has been out there working hard from youth to please his fans all over. One of Jason's earliest acting roles began on Oprah Winfrey's 1990 television series called, Brewster Place. Jason also had some very notable acting roles such as his portrayal of  Michael Jackson in the 1992 miniseries The Jacksons: An American Dream, and his roles on the television sitcoms like Smart Guy (1997–1999). I tuned in faithfully to Smart Guy every season it aired just because of him!

Weaver later had some roles in the hit movie ATL (2006) and Drumline (2002) , and Dysfunctional Friends (2012) to name a few, all of which he remained the charistmatic guy he is who keeps us laughing. What I adore about him is that he manages to just be himself in every movie that he plays in. In addition to acting, Weaver is also a recording artist. He provided the vocals for the singing voice of the cub Simba in the 1994 Walt Disney Pictures animated film The Lion King. Love Ambition, on Motown Records which was released on June 27, 1995. In 2003, he collaborated with rapper Chingy on the track "One Call Away". The single was a Top 5 hit single in the United States. Weaver has that voice that makes you want to sit down and fall in love all over again. I'm not sure which route he will continue to pursue but I can say that he is very talented and I honestly wish he would get a lot more recognition than he does. Years ago, back in 2011 the media really tried to blow a situation out of proportion with him being charged with urinating behind a gas station. Weaver went to Twitter to state,
“So MediaTake Out wants to report that I got arrested for taking a sh*t on the side a highway??? WTF!!! First off, YES, I was arrested in Dunwoody, Georgia for urinating behind a gas station at 2 a.m. when the clerk refused to open the door for me. To be honest, I’m not really that bothered because I know what MTO is about. What DOES bother me is that they would lie about what I did!”

I am one to say that the media is always out to make things bigger than what they are and no matter what, I think he is still a great person and he is among many young actors who is yet pushing himself behind scenes to continue to make a name for himself in the movie industry. I would love to see him preferably in his own comedy television series because he has enough humor and talent that one movie can't really handle by itself. You can't watch him without laughing at his facial expressions and creative ways for getting his point across in a movie. I'm hoping for greater to come from the 36 year old actor.

I still love you Jason Weaver along with many other fans out there!

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Image In the Mirror: Self Love

I woke up to my usual routine of preparing for my day and I noticed something unusual standing in front of me. I could not understand how it was possible for me to have crossed this image I was seeing everyday and never truly take notice of it. Standing before me and looking back from the opposite side of the wall was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I assumed maybe because I was always in a rush to get where I was going that I never really paid it any attention at all.

I saw me.

No, I really saw me for the first time.

I stared for a while looking at this bare faced individual. I stared deep into my eyes and admired my cheek bones, the color of my eyes and the shape of my nose. I stood bare before the mirror and saw all of me.

I thought about everything I had been through and how surprisingly this amazing person was still standing here on the other side of the wall staring back, fearless.

Sometimes we are moving so fast in life that we do not pause to see ourselves. When you see who you are, it helps you to appreciate just simply being you. Appreciating you puts a different view on your life and those involved in it. You have to get to a point where you love you so much that you will not allow anyone to walk into your life and treat you anything less than you would treat yourself.

Often we have been broken and hurt to the point where we stop looking at ourselves in the mirror. Each day becomes just another day because we have lost all feelings towards what is meaningful in our life. We have lost all meaning to who we truly are because we have entangled ourselves with the false images of what we assume is more loved and accepted by others.

We feel like the days are not the best if they are not spent with someone who can show you how amazing you are. When we encounter those who make us feel low and as if we are not a priority to them, it can weigh heavily on our conscience. Now we see in the mirror a person who is unworthy to be loved by anyone. We see a person that longs for acceptance in an often uncaring society. We figure maybe changing our looks, our hair, or our body will give us the acceptance we need to fit in with the "normal" world.

Its high time you go back in front of the mirror and take a look at the image before you.
See your worth, see your beauty, see that you are living the best days of your life and every minute that you are breathing is a reason to be joyful.

You do not need anyone to validate you. You do not need anyone to make you feel loved. You only need to love yourself and anyone who comes into your temple will be an addition to the love that is already being given.

There are some miserable and cruel people in the world. Their unhappiness with themselves can easily rub off on you. They often seek that energy boost to their ego by making someone else feel just as bad as they do. This is why it is important for you to love you so much to the point that your image of self is not easily changed or affected by the activity of others.

You are amazing!

Take a few minutes to go and stand bare before the mirror and admire who you are.

Introduce yourself back to you again.

Its time to start over and embrace you.
Remove anyone from your life who comes in to destroy you and steal your joy.

There is an image that is standing in the mirror....waiting to reconnect with you.
Somewhere along the lost yourself. Its okay and it happens but its time to reconnect.

 Its time to fall in love again with you. You deserve so much more than you allow for yourself.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Being Sexy Doesn't Have A Shape!

We see too often in the media how the size of a woman determines what is deemed acceptable as beautiful and sexy. The mass majority of viewers on media sites these days happens to be women. Women are observing and using the images portrayed on television or in magazines as the ideal image of sexiness. Women are at a lost on trying to keep up with maintaining the perfect body according to the society's ideal standardized look. These plastic images are being highly promoted in rap music videos, song lyrics, and also by high status celebrities. So many women see celebrities getting butt injections and tummy tucks; longing for that perfect and flawless image. Sadly many do not know that most of the images they see in magazines have been photo shopped and feature air brushed bodies.

I want to encourage women all over to embrace the natural healthy you within. Everybody is not meant to be skinny or plus sized. Sexiness is determined from within and reflects on the outside. No matter your size, you can still be classy and sexy.

I have seen so many females who sit back and complain about their size. Some complain that they have smaller buttocks or smaller breast and would like to do whatever it takes to change that natural born image. They are going to cheap surgeons and taking pills to do whatever to change their image. Change is good if you are doing it to maintain your health, but to change because you feel like you are not good looking enough is a mistake. We don't need a society of clones. We need more women who don't mind embracing whatever life gave them naturally. If you have big hips, or a big feet....simply embrace it and make it your own kind of sexy. Confidence in yourself is true sexiness!

I remember growing up and always being teased for being so skinny and not having perfect teeth. I was afraid to smile on school pictures and at any social events. I was ashamed to wear skirts and shorts for fear that people would see my long skinny legs and laugh.
It was not until my senior year of high school that something within me clicked. I started just accepting that I was slim and was just not going to be a thick girl. I started embracing my smile regardless of what people had to say about my teeth. I started loving me and not caring about what others thought. When I embraced me and others saw me laughing and showing off my legs with confidence...they embraced me as well. Sometimes it takes people seeing you love yourself first before they began to give love to you.

Ladies embrace it all! Embrace your stretch marks or tiger stripes. Embrace your curves! Embrace your slim figure! Love you and if you come across someone who does not love you for who you are then they are not needed in your life.
Self- Acceptance is a must for every woman. You don't need to look like Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian, all you need to look like is yourself.
Who better else to be than you?

Stop going under the knife to satisfy irrelevant people. All you need to do is celebrate you!
At the end of the day if you don't like your love handles, pudgy tummy or flat buttocks, then hit the gym a little harder. Just make sure you are doing it to impress you at the end of the day and nobody else.

Many of you are so beautiful and you do not need to alter anything about yourself. You only need to look in the mirror and say to yourself, "I am Beautiful, I am Sexy, & I love Me!"


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Giving Your Husband a Hall Pass to Cheat?

Are we at the movies again?

 I have heard constant feedbacks of  women popping up in the media lately about allowing their spouses to cheat for a week. I  must say these women happen to be ones that I deemed to be of some high intellect. The first female happened to recently be Toya Wright who is married to Memphitz, and later this week M'Onique. 
What is the entire point of getting married if you are going to have an open marriage and allow your partner to cheat? You might as well stay single if you plan to commit adultery. One article I read stated that M'Onique said that if her spouse found something that she was not able to uphold then she finds nothing wrong with letting him venture out to satisfy that need. Now I for one do not know how true this happens to be, but I will say that if my husband does not like some aspects about me that he took vows saying he would accept no matter the outcome, then we definitely do not need to be married.

Cheating brings about conflict no matter how you think in your tiny mind it will fix an issue. Cheating on your spouse for a week brings months of problems and headaches. You open up a door that once was closed and leave space for all manners of evil to slip into your marriage. If we look around us, the rates for HIV are climbing so why risk your health by allowing your partner to step out on you just because you think it is doing a favor to your marriage.

It is pure insanity to believe that allowing your husband, ladies, to cheat for a week is going to mend any issues you are having at home. What happens when you taste honey? You suddenly want another taste of it right? This is what happens when you allow your spouse to step out on you. Then you find yourself sitting up at home wondering why they are suddenly so distant with you. He has tasted some new fruit. Cheating does not fix marriages!

I am currently single and I would like to sit for a second and visualize the day my future husband asks for a hall pass. I can imagine me asking him these simple beautiful words, "Honey what color would you like your suit to be?" I am sure he will look at me with a puzzled face and say, "Honey I am not sure what you mean by that". Then I will simply reply, "I am asking because I want to see if you want your suit to match your casket". This means my future husband should never fix his mind to come to me asking for a hall pass.

When I stand before God and family and take those vows to love my spouse through good and bad days, sickness and health, I will definitely mean what I say. I will not open a door to allow space for adultery to enter my marriage at my hand.

People are destroying the whole meaning of marriage by following rules seen in a movie. It is a movie, and it is not meant to guide you to make foolish decisions in real life. It is merely for entertainment, yet I am seeing sadly how much of an influence movies have on insecure people.

"Getting back to Love After a Break-Up"

No one likes breaking up but its part of everyday life. You find yourself growing further apart from the one you once couldn't see yourself without. It happens and sometimes its the worst feeling ever to get past.
Many times a break up no matter how it ends can leave individuals on a soul seeking journey to figure out what they did wrong in the relationship and how they can make the next relationship better.
During this time of solitude, one must not hesitate to first get back to loving yourself. When you are in a relationship, all of your time and effort goes into making the other person happy. There are times where you are so wrapped up into making sure the other person is happy that you lose out on remembering the things that once made you happy.

Many have fallen into the error of trying to jump right back into a relationship due to loneliness instead of allowing themselves to heal and properly prepare themselves mentally for the next relationship. This can be a tragic mishap when they find themselves suddenly fearful and assuming the next person is going to be just like their last relationship, because they have failed to allow healing of the mind and soul. When you break up from any long-term relationship, it is best to at least give yourself a year to spend alone. During this alone time, it is okay to date and just observe what you expect from the next relationship. It is a time to grow in areas that you may have grown weak in mentally and physically.

One thing I see a lot of people do is began to punish themselves by thinking that just because a long term relationship did not work out, that they were at fault. You may have done everything you have known to do in that relationship that was deemed right in your eyes, but they still walked away. Do not let that punish you. Often times we have to look back at how a person grew up. Some people do not know how to love nor how to handle being treated well. It would seem that everyone in life is seeking something good for themselves, yet everyone honestly is not. If the world evolved around people wanting something good for themselves then people would eat healthier and maintain those gym memberships right?

Understand that just because the person who left you did not appreciate what you had to offer, does not mean something was wrong with you. You should continue to be the best person you know how to be and one day someone will appreciate all that you have to offer.

So while you journey back to discovering true love, continue to work on becoming the best version of you. Be open to new things, and by all means let go of past hurts and do not hold the new love accountable for past hurts.

True love is right around the corner for you if you allow yourself to be open to receiving it, which means tearing down that brick wall from the past hurt. Go into your garden, and uproot all the weeds in your life and clip off those dead leaves. It is time now for new beginnings.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Meet South Sudan African Model "Nina Kong"

Who is Nina Kong?

Nina Kong, 33, will definitely be a hot new face to the modeling industry. Kong came here from South Sudan which is located in the central part of Africa. I had the pleasure of taking notice to this model's skilled gift behind the camera's and reached out to her.
She is a wife and mother of three, who began her journey from Sudan to America to pursue her dreams of modeling.  Kong stated in a recent interview with me, "Growing up, I never thought I would end up in America, it was a huge culture shock". Kong stated," I had to learn the language, and I came over as a refugee and now I am beyond a refugee; there is a story within my story". Kong is also pursuing a career as a medical assistant but is hoping to one day become a successful model in the modeling industry.

I truly believe that Nina Kong is on the rise and has what it takes to become America's Next Top Model. Kong would definitely set the modeling industry on fire! People in the Fashion Industry should definitely get to know her. Kong brings with her that strong sense of heritage that would definitely put Africa's amazing artistic culture on the map. She brings me to a remembrance of the famous South Sudanese model Alek Wek who is a British model that has been hailed for her influence on the perception of beauty in the fashion industry. Nina Kong will definitely be the next new face in the modeling industry.

Nina Kong has done modeling with other professional agencies. She currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

Will the 2015 IRON BOWL be a Repeat from 2013?


We all remember the amazing game ending with 12-2 for the Auburn University Tigers back in 2013 as they prepared to go up against the University of Alabama, whose record at the time was 11-2 following the loss during the Iron Bowl in 2013 at the Jordan-Hare stadium. Auburn fans predict another victory long time awaited to make up for this seasons mishaps. We know this will be a challenging game with the University of Alabama's running back player, Derrick Henry, who is currently up for the Heisman. Henry's second straight 200-yard game in Saturday's road rout of Mississippi State erased any lingering doubts about his Heisman viability. Auburn University appeared to be struggling between quarterback's this season as they toggled between, Jeremy Johnson and Sean White. Johnson who was benched after going 11 for 19 for 100 yards and rushed for 41 yards against LSU in the least productive of his five career starts. The Montgomery, Alabama native had two late passing touchdowns and a 65-yard rushing score as well as an interception and two fumbles, one of which was lost and setup LSU for a score. Auburn recently selected Jeremy Johnson back as quarterback when they went out to play against the Georgia Bulldogs, sadly ending in a another defeat for this season with a score of 13-20.

So will another miracle occur this year for the Auburn Tigers with a stat of 5-5 against the University of Alabama's 9-1?

Well do you believe in magic as the old song says?

At 2:30pm on Saturday, November 28, 2015 fans all over the state of Alabama will be on the edge of their seats still in recovery from Turkey Day yelling War Eagle & Roll Tide as the Auburn University Tigers take on the University of Alabama at the Jordan-Hare Stadium!