Monday, August 19, 2013

We Got Something Real....Love???

Are people still falling in love or is it all just a circle of games now?

I've been doing a lot of observing and it seems like in my local area, Mobile, Alabama, not too many people in the African American community are getting married, or involved in monogomous relationships. It seems that its more mind games going on than their are serious committments.

The crazy thing is what ever happened to just falling in love and being happy with the person you are with?

You will always see someone who may look better than what you have, but when you are truly in love and you have found your....what's the word?  Soulmate! Seems like that word has almost went extinct, yet barely standing. It seems to me that a lot of people are happy with being involved with multiple people at a time rather than just being happy with one person.

It seems to be a horrible trend but then again I am only 29 and still growing and learning, maybe my age group is still maturing and maybe the men here are not yet in that "got it together" stage where they are ready to commit long term to one person.

Yet does age truly matter? Some are committing as early as 21, and some who are in their late 30s are still playing around here. Again its almost as if it was a bad trend inspired by music to keep people more involved with sexual relationships rather than lifetime committments.

Society tells us that you shouldn't express all of your feelings to one person, even if you feel as if it maybe love at first sight. You are trained to hold it all in and play mind games so that you do not appear to be crazy or desperate. you are trained to not call as soon as you get the number but to wait a day or two so that again you do not appear overly excited or desperate.

Why does all of this matter?
Why do you have to pretend to be someone that you are not?

Society say sthat this is a way of protecting your heart from a person that may not be as genuine as you. I feel that if two people are pretending to feel the opposite of their true feelings then neither party is being genuine.

I say that if it feels genuine and you both feel like your light on your toes and heaven is shining its rays around you when you are together then go for it! Who cares what others think and who cares if it seems to soon. You only live life once, so why go through life playing games and wondering if things would have worked out better with a person if you had not been holding your feelings in.

You can't depend on the advoice of others when it comes to matters of the heart, because no two people think or feel the same. be your own judge and do what makes you happ!

In other countries, love is blossoming and people are getting married whether they have known each other for a few weeks or few months, they are living longer, they are experiencing less divorces because they are content with their soulmate, and life is breezy.

So start today by making a promise to commit to being you and no one else but you.
Commit to your true feelings and your going to be alright, don't let your friends or family cause you to miss out on the best thing because you want to uphold an image and impress them.

This just may eliminate all the mind control games, and the battle of the sexes...I guess, and just maybe people can get back to love and eliminate the stress of trying to share their love with multiple people.