Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Choosing the Right Man

Honestly, you are the only one who knows what is best for you, so when you are out seeking advice on the perfect guy for you from friends and family, be sure that the advice meets up with what you expect. I know alot of my blogs aim towards helping women but it appears that in this generation, it is the women secretly crying out for help the most. they appear to be clueless on doing the right thing for themselves. Why committ yourself to a guy who does not meet up with the things you are seeking in a man? Why lay up and have a baby by a man who wants nothing to do with you or the child, which forces you to be left in the cold trying to raise a child on your own. When you are out there looking for Mr. Right, be sure that he is either equal with your qualities or beyond so that you both can relate with eachother more. never get involved with a man who does not share the same views or goals in life as yourself. By this I simply mean, dont get with someone whom you are not compatible with. He a thug, but you a nurse....thats an example of what I mean. By all means do what floats your boat but why waste time with a "nothing". A man who has no dreams for himself and is basically going nowhere, he doesnt care about you or his life and is pretty much living from day to day in search of the next dollar. Is that what you want? Well its alot of women starting to settle for these types. Why? Why are good successful young women starting to settle for men who have nothing going for their lives? I would like to think that they have become desperate for a mans attention or simply that they do not know their own value. Most women were raised in fatherless homes and were not taught about self-worth and therefore will settle for any piece of a man they can have, just so they appear happy and are not alone.

There is nothing wrong with being alone, especially if it means waiting til you find the right person to love you or til they find you. Dont be desperate for someones affection, it could leave you coming up short on the things you need in your life the most. Also let me include that every man who holla about they love you, doesnt mean he truly loves you.

A real man is willing to get out and work to take care of home, which includes you. If he waiting on your paycheck every week and he isnt making no effort to get out and take care of home, then he is not the man for you, he is a man meant to be by himself. Alot of women think its cute to be laying up with a "nothing" just so their friends can think they got it going on, so what if he look good, how about, does his pockets look good, is he packing with a good career and some education behind that mouth he running.

Not saying that an educated man will be better, because its a few bad ones everywhere, but I am saying at least he is a step ahead of one who aint trying to do nothing.

Wake up ladies, get with the program, alot of men are running circles around you because you dont even know if you good enough to be treated right.
When you stop running your mouth about how good you are and start applying it to your life and showing a man how to treat you right, then your life will improve.
Love isnt always found in a club, it needs to be found in you so you can identify the real thing when it is presented to you.