Friday, December 30, 2016

Starr's Facebook Friend's Award Show!

I love all of my friend's on Facebook. Each individual has a way of capturing my attention daily either to make me laugh or simply to amaze me. So after observing a post from a fellow classmate on my page. I gained the idea of nominating some of my friends on Facebook with Awards based off of their daily stats!
This was simply just an excellent way to have fun and highlight & share some of the amazing people on my page with the world!.

                                                So let's get this Award Show popping!

       Here Are The Facebook Award Winning Nominee's Below!

Most Petty Female Of The Year Award:

 Calisha Marie: She is always keeping me and others laughing with her posts that display nothing but the honest blunt truth daily. 

Most Petty Male Of The Year Award:

John Woo: Always posting pictures that leave you shaking your head and laughing.

FB Comedian Of The Year Award:

Craig Lott: Always posting some stats that sometimes take you for a surprise. You'll either find yourself laughing or just staring at the post. 

OMG Award of The Year:

Ticsco Campbell: You just never know what he will post next! Sometimes you are left saying OMG did he really say that?! He's about the most realest & coolest person on my page & stays amped up for events!

Hustle Artist Of The Year Award:

Bianca Carke: Definitely always on her grind and making moves with her music. Anything you want in life requires hard work & she does just that.

Put On For My City Award: 

Tim Hollis:  This man is always busy along with others to make sure that his peers in the City Of Mobile are tuned in constantly to what is going on around them in the city.

Graphic Designer Of The Year Award:

Harold Rico Knight: Produces some amazing Graphic videos of his work daily and is definitely your go to guy for Graphic Designs. 

Hair Diva of the Year Award:

 Kelly Johnson: Not a day goes by that she is not showcasing some flyy hair designs! She's very good at what she does & is known to switch it up often when it comes to popping hair colors & trendy styles!

Sarcasm Of The Year Award:

Xavier S. West: Got to love him because even though some of his posts sound sarcastic, he really mixes them with some truth.

Earth, Wind & Fire  Award:

Essex J. : He gets this award because his stats & daily videos show that he is a lover of the mind, body & soul. He's an Empath & is all about encouraging women & men to just dig deeper for what they want.

She Get Tired Of The Drama Award:

Mo'nique Parker: Got to love her! I'm often catching a post here & there on some drama going on but she manages to hold things together no matter what for her boys!

He Get Tired Of The Drama Award:

Joe Drake: Very cool person, always posting some straight up & honest stats. Drama comes at him but he dodges it very well.

So Fresh & Clean Award:

Kevin McCants: This was a tough category because I have a lot of friends who dress nice. However he definitely delivers that Classic man image. #MagazineWorthyPic

Father Of The Year Award:

Daniel Haywood: This guy stays grinding and seems to be at every event in the city. No matter where he's vacationing and hanging out at, I've noticed this guy makes time for his kids no matter what. That's worthy of acknowledging since not to many guys make time.

Mother Of The Year Award:

Vecie Adams: Always keeping us laughing at her beautiful baby and family. No matter what she is always there for her daughters & husband!

Most Hilarious Lawyer Of The Year:

F. Demetrius Stokes: Hits us with some book knowledge daily & manages to hit us with some street knowledge as well. One of the most down to earth lawyers on my page.

Most Selfies Award:

Rich Kidd: Always showering us with pictures of his latest family edition, his beautiful baby & giving us a photo shoot daily!

Sketch Artist Of The Year:

Tiffany McDaniel: Very humble spirited individual who is a dreamer like myself. Not many probably take notice to the amazing art that she draws & creates outside of writing poetry.

Hood Philosopher Of The Year Award:

T. J. Gardner: The title could very well go to many but I had to allow it to rest on his shoulders because he keeps me laughing with his "hood"facts.

                                                  Always Promoting Award:

                                                            Parrish Reid

Cloud Thinker of the Year Award:

Nard Kidd: Great Music Producer but at times...he's somewhere on the clouds and may drop something hilarious every now & then. Funny thing is you may have already thought the same thing he's posting.

Bob Marley Of The Year Award:

Ike Morgan: Excellent writer & of course takes time to show off his long dreads daily! 

No Mercy Award Of The Year:

Calvin Howard: I love him for his humor & his facts. He has a unique way of mixing the truth into his jokes. He posts the truth and it will either step on your toes or just leave you laughing. He reminds me a lot of Chris Rock who serves you a fact joke with a smile on his face.
Kind of like how he did at the Oscars that year!

Married Couple Of The Year Award:

Jeffreia & LaBarron Wright: Amazing team! They support one another and keep us hitting the like button with their matching attire for their family. You never see any drama on their page. That's a plus! They are definitely the ideal marriage couple to those who inspire to get married! Could have gave this title to a few but they always shine the brightest on my page!


                                                       Always Going Live Award:
 Pvpi Sõ Eñvý: I Love my sis & she loves to go live for her friends daily. 

Knowledge Is Power Award:

I had to choose two for this category because both of these guys drop knowledge daily on my page!

& Rodney Toomer 

Thanks To Everyone who Took the Time to Check Out The Award List. You may just end up on it next year because I'm always watching to see who stands out on my page! 

There were some categories that I left off because there were too many people who fit the list so Congrats To all the Winners LOL! I love all of you and hopefully you laughed while reading and nobody got in their feelings because it was all fun!

Happy New Years To All My Facebook Friends & All My Blog Readers! I love each of you! Looking forward to all the beautiful things that 2017 will bring our way!


Tanisha "STARR" Davis of Course!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Refuse To Love Your Unchanging Heart!

Too often you are taught to stay when the pain is becoming unbearable!

How many people deal with the confusion of trying to stay with a person who is refusing to change inwardly?

Daily we are asked to remain beside individuals out of love because we are told to accept that people do have flaws. Yet at some point those unchanging flaws can destroy a nation if the person is unwilling to fix the matter.

It's so very hard to love someone that doesn't want to change. I mean you may try with all you have to hang in there and help them see the benefits of changing but if they refuse constantly then its rough streets ahead.

No one deserves to be constantly hurt. 

That's not a sign of love and nobody should make the mistake of saying you don't love them if you refuse to deal with their mess.

There's only so much a person can take when you refuse to change. It's that issue of loving you but refusing to love the part of you that doesn't want to change.

Too many miss out on love from a loyal individual because they are selfish and want you to just accept them as they are.

Where are the rules that state that I have to love you in your mess? Where are the rules that say while you continue to abuse my love, that I should stay beside you?

That's an unfair situation on love and nobody should have to deal with that.

I truly feel that if you find someone who knows what you are dealing with and still wants to remain beside you to work through it....then you should definitely work hard to change whatever behavior it is that is causing pain in your relationship.

The other side of dealing with someone who refuses to change is that it drives you crazy.

Lets add that they will happily say you are crazy because you are getting fed up with their behavior.

Nothing sucks like giving all of your energy towards helping them better themselves inside & out and they kick you in the face! In other words they have no love or remorse for anything that you have done for them. They purposely & intentionally hurt you because they know that you just might never go anywhere.

Ever met someone like that?

A person that lies constantly about changing but then retreats back to that behavior while demanding you respect their ugliness.

Every person on this earth has a breaking point and that is a major deal breaker in a  lot of relationships & marriages.

Nobody has to put up with that. Nobody has to love those unchanging flaws within you.

When you love someone, you change those ugly sides of you. Simply because you want the other person to be happy, and most importantly you desire to be completely happy within.

Don't allow anyone to make you feel like you have to put up with their behavior year after year for the sake of love. 

Let it go and set them free. People who refuse to change for you are not for you. You deserve someone who will willingly change things that can harm your heart and the relationship.